E-mail on 1/12/15 – Tha-tha-tha-That’s All, Folks!

Unless I write next week, but I doubt that’ll happen.  Just bein’ realistic here.

Well hey!  So this last week was pretty bomb.  We did some hard core work with members.  Kaoma is a champion of champions and just hung out with us all day for two days.  One of those days we had an intercambio and my buddy Hermana Hassett came to play in Terrassa.  We saw huge miracles!  And we talked a little about how weird it’ll be to be home.  And well, our homecomings are the same day so that’s a bummer.  At least we’re friends and we know that.  She told me to just keep up the good work and make the week great.  So… we just got down to business.  To defeat the huns. (Disney Mulan reference . . . sing along)

Juana has a fecha for this week… it’s looking a little shaky because she hasn’t wanted to meet with us.  We’re praying for a miracle on this little lady.  Adrian just threw a hissy fit today because I told him we were too busy to pass by Tuesday or Wednesday and he said he was busy too and then hung up.  Children.  Victor has been working too much but got in contact with us to tell us he’s still excited about progressing.  Esther came to church on Sunday and we had a cita until an hour ago when she fired…. awkward.

BUT, we’ve been finding a lot of people lately.  Lots of great potentials!  We got quite a bit of help from a recently returned missionary, Juan Peroni.  He’s pretty great too!  He helps us out a lot with visits (for example he’ll be coming with us tonight and tomorrow night).  He comes from a fantastic Argentine family here.  I’ve decided I’m in love with his nephew… OH! I need to take a picture so you can see the little guy.  He’s like 2 and he’s beautiful and so cute!

Yesterday the missionaries taught the last two hours of church.  We focused on the Work of Salvation.  Elder Pisciotta/Johnson taught about sharing the gospel and the Book of Mormon with others.  Elder Johnson/Weight talked about retention and family history.  We taught about reactivation by doing your visits every month and about converting yourself.  It was really fun and I hope that it helps the ward see how great doing all this can be, how much progress can be made.  We were able to see immediate progress when an hermana drove us to visit one of the sisters on her list and another hermana gave us a reference to visit one of her friends.  Kinda incredible.

This week we are basically booked.  It’ll be stressful but all will go well!  We have a lot of people to baptize and to help progress in this beautiful gospel.  It’ll help me keep my mind of the inevitable.  Lots of “lasts” this week… last district meeting tomorrow, last noche del barrio, last English class, last coordination meeting, last Sunday… Woah.  But, I’m definitely suckering people into coming to all these things by using that as an excuse.  No shame.

The mission is incredible.  There are no words to describe it.  It’s an experience worth every pain and every penny.  If I went back in time and someone asked me to go on a mission, I would choose to do it again and again and again in a heartbeat.  Anyone who is considering going, go.  Anyone who has come back, remember what you learned and live it.  Don’t become the people you had to reactivate when you were a missionary.  Convert yourself to the only true gospel and enjoy the blessings the Lord wants to dote you with.  The path is set before us, we just need to look and live.

Hasta ver,

Hermana Durham

E-Mail from 1/5/15 – The Final Countdown . . . Fo’ Realsies.

Can you believe it´s 2015?!  Wow! That whole 2014 year went by pretty fast to me.  It was fun to spend the night in our study room on the floor, listening to our gitana sing songs in Spanish and then at 12 we cracked open a couple cans of grapes and ate those puppies!  Weird Spanish traditions… they’re wonderful.

Well, as hard as I tried to keep my death a secret, the secret is out.  People know.  There are the very few kind people who don’t mention it at all and then there are the less kind (very cruel) people who straight up say “So when do you leave?” or telling you you have 15 days left.  Who’s counting anyway?  It can sometimes create problems… like the mental breakdown I had on Sunday where I cried through the first two hours of church.  No big deal.  I freaked out my poor companion and the poor Elders.  Oh well.

We had interviews with President Pace and he is just wonderful.  He has a great way of just making you feel special and loved even when everything seems gloomy and sad.  We’ve just decided to keep on working hard, even as the end draws near.

Today is my birthday.  I woke up and the front room was decorated.  We ate lunch with the Elders and the Sabadell Hermanas at the Viking burger restaurant that I love so very much, then we went to the church where the Elders had decorated and had a Reyes cake and everything.  I was put in charge of cutting and distributing the pieces.  I got the king!  They said I cheated but I didn’t,  I promise!  Later we’re going to see the parade where the kings come in.  YAY!  Birthday parades and cakes and things!  I have a pretty sweet set up here in Spain, not going to lie.  My companion is doing her best to make my day the best.  Sweet thing, she is.  I also broke out into hives.  Yay, birthday hives!

This week the work will hopefully get back to the normal swing (just in time for me to get going…) and I hope to add as much as possible to the area.  Victor wasn’t able to come to church but we still maintain contact and he’s still working towards baptism.  Juana set a fecha with us for the 17th and DID come to church! YAY!  Adrian told me he’d be baptized as a gift for my birthday after telling me I looked beautiful… so I told him no thanks on the birthday baptism.  But he came to another baptism on Saturday and liked it.  Hopefully we see some more progress from him too.  Adrian just called and said hello to you all.

It’s been another slower week because of illness.  The last little bit I’ve not taught much with my actual companion.  A couple times with Hermana Reid, a couple times with Hermana Foncubierta, a couple times with members… the time I did actually leave with my companion she couldn’t speak so I taught by myself… things like that.  Hopefully we all get healthy so that I can do some real work soon.  That’d be nice.

I was reading Helaman and 3rd Nephi this week and one verse stuck out to me this time that I had never really noticed before about Samuel the Lamanite.  Helaman 16:7 says: “And as they went forth to lay their hands on him, behold, he did cast himself down from the wall, and did flee out of their lands,yea, even unto his own country, and began to preach and to prophesy among his own people.”

And I thought to myself… that’s interesting.  The Lord really does prepare people for the next steps in life.  Samuel went back home and helped out his own people and well… I have to too.  It’s part of life.

Anyway… so I hope you have a really wonderful week and that you do good things with yourselves.  I love you all!  Be good!

Hermana Durham.

New E-Mail From 12/29/14 – Feliz Navidad, Prospero Año y . . . Enfermedad

Christmas is always a wonderful time of year, isn’t it?  We spent the majority of our time rushing from place to place, enjoying the members (Judith and Marina, Christiana and Marcelo, Rosa, Clara and her family, the bishop and his family, Amparito and Fernando, the Johnson family) and eating way too much food!  It was a blast to visit everyone… so much fun in fact that it’s gotten us straight up ill.

Yeah… My companion was simply not okay on Friday.  What do we do?  Splits! Judith came and nursed my companion while I hit the streets with Kaoma.  We had an enjoyable day eating with Kim, wishing Esther a Merry Christmas, visiting with Victor, and then passing by the hospital to see how Rosario was doing.  Fun thing about that last plan…. on holidays they close the hospital at 9:30… and we definitely tried to leave that place at 9:32.  Very punctual people, eh?  So we got to go harass the nurses to let us out.  We went down to the creepy underground hall and Kaoma says “And here comes the Zombies…” and then we finally get out and get to walk across the huge, not so illuminated park to get home in time.  Stressful… but fun!

However… this made it so that I felt awful.  Saturday was spent inside ALL DAY.  Sleeping, eating soup (my soups are getting quite delicious, if I do say so myself) and tidying.  Busy work because we couldn’t leave.

So… Sunday came.  The sacrament is really important so we get put together.  I felt more or less better but my companion was still not doing great.  We went to church.  Victor came and he said he enjoyed it!  My cute little “companion” Kaoma was just as nervous when he wasn’t showing up and then just as excited when he finally came!  We had a good lesson on the priesthood and I was able to help the newbie out with explaining priesthood and women… I’m kinda a veteran when it comes to teaching.  Not to be prideful or whatever.  Then we went home.  Hermana Foncubierta wasn’t feeling super great so we had the amazing idea to ALL go to the Sabadell church (which starts at 4 in the afternoon… yuck…) and then she would return with my companion while I stayed with Hermana Reid.  A quick call to our district leader who made a quick call to the zone leader approved that and we were off on an adventure.  6 hours of church later, Hermana Reid and I had a jolly good time in Sabadell and then we were able to contact Vito and have a miracle member present in Terrassa.

Now today… I feel pretty dreadful again.  I’m not sure we’ll go out tonight.  Hopefully we can but it’d be better if we didn’t.  This week we have lots of things planned with the New Year and Zone Enfoque coming up so I gotta get better.  Ideally I’d never get sick and everything would work out but… life’s not perfect.

God lives.  He loves us.  He knows us.  There is always hope for a better life.  Now go share that with people.  Have a wonderful new year!  Make goals to share the good tidings of great joy!

Hermana Durham

E-mail on 12/22/14 – “Why would anyone WANT that phone?!”

So… remember how like a year ago on Christmas we lost our phone?  Yeah… So on our way home from a really incredible Zone Conference some really wonderful child of God STOLE OUR FLIPPIN PHONE IN THE METRO OF BARCELONA!!!!  I couldn’t believe it.  Seriously.  If you only knew how crappy these phones are… And the fact that it happened to me twice.  Same time of year and the same metro and EVERYTHING!  They also stole my travel pass and it was so convenient that at that moment they decided to check at the gates to make sure everyone had their passes, because if you don’t it’s a 50-100 euro fine.  Thankfully the man wasn’t completely heartless (but he wasn’t kind) and let me go.  But dang.  So… I cried on the train home with all the Terrassa and Sabadell missionaries trying to console me.  They decided I needed to open my christmas package from Grandma, which I initially denied but then they started opening it for me so I took it from them and opened it myself.  That ended up helping a little.  Sorry that I opened my present early, Grandma.  So Friday we went back down to Barcelona to get me a new pass and a new phone which is even worse but at least we have a fun.  And this time we didn’t have to change numbers.  Menos mal.

The Christmas party went pretty well.  It was refreshing to just show up, grab a plate of food, chat with the people and then leave with tupperware full of food.  We didn’t really have to do anything.  We offered to help but we were told “You work all the time, you do your job already.  We got it.”  I did get to share my not so talented talent of playing the piano one-handed for some overly stressed youth who didn’t know what to do without accompaniment.  The talent part came in with the fact that the piano bench was being used for seating and so I played standing up.  NAILED IT!  (More or less).  We as the missionaries sang “Cantan Santos Angeles” (Angels We Have Heard on High) in a quick “we never practiced anything and so… this is what we’re doing…” moment of thinking.  It turned out fine.  Mostly it was great to see a handful of less actives and investigators show up for the event.  YAY!

On Saturday we started the day off with a proselyting activity to help share the video “He is the Gift”.  We conveniently have someone who works in the government ask permission for us to be in a hot spot in town with a table and a banner.  Members brought their laptops and phones to go out and share the video.  A bunch of youth came to help pass out cards.  All in all, it went well.  We got numbers, got people thinking of Christmas, and even a few citas set up.  And I think we’re going to be in the Liahona coming up as part of the “Local News” because the bishop’s wife does that.  We got connections.

Later that night we hopped on a train to Barcelona to go see David Archuleta. We were able to bring Esther and her two daughters.  It was pretty cute because he’s just a sweetheart.  He spoke in Spanish which surprised our investigator, Esther.  We told her that it was because he had been a missionary like us in Chile.  He sang beautiful songs, a handful in English and one that is typical of Spain which he confessed he had never sung before.  It was a pretty cute little event.  I got to see a bunch of Barcelona and Vic people which made my day/week/month.

Adrian came to church on Sunday, which surprised a handful of people.  He told us he wanted to visit with us.  The bishop announced that the ward needs to embrace us, love us, and invite us into their homes during the holidays.  That was really thoughtful (but now we’re really booked…).  Amparito helped us with a few citas in the afternoon.  When we visited Esther she had told us that she came home and started listening to more of David Archuleta’s music…. cute!  Then we met a really prepared man named Victor who told us that he wasn’t sold on the catholic church and wanted to learn the truth.  We had two great family home evenings and I helped a cute little YW make cookies for her classmates.  I hope those turned out…

Tomorrow we have our Christmas district meeting.  I have to make pumpkin pie tonight.  Then this week is full of visiting the people we love who love us back this week.  It’s going to be great!  They’re taking good care of us.

I hope you share the gospel this week because the truth is… it’s the best gift you can give.  The world needs the message we have.  The light of Christmas is the Savior.  His Atonement.  His love.  God’s love.  Give that to those you meet by serving them and loving them enough to invite them to listen to the missionaries or to read the Book of Mormon (or both… why stop at one?).

I love you all, Merry Christmas!  Bon Nadal!  Feliz Navidad!

Hermana Durham.

E-Mail on 12/15/14 – David Archuleta is Coming to Town

This Saturday.  We got tickets and we’re bringing investigators.  What-what!  This should be really interesting.  It’s a special missionary event and an awesome excuse to party.  Not party.  Help people feel the spirit through the musical talents of a returned missionary.

This Friday we have the ward dinner and boy is that stressful for everyone involved.  I don’t want to be involved but I’ve been enlisted to play the piano for the youth as part of their talent.  And we have to do a talent…shoot!  We haven’t decided what that is going to be yet… And we need to buy a salad and chicken.  Oh gosh.

On church this Sunday, we got to enjoy the primary program.  The kids were really cute, as always.  They struggled a bit with some of the songs but all things considered, it was a beautiful program.  I loved it!  PLUS, a less active family we’ve been working with came!  I literally almost cried when they walked in the door.  Wow.  It was incredible.  Then Kim and Julian came which was a miracle because they’ve been a little bit hard to track down these days.  I also got to surprise teach a class.  I’m getting better at randomly coming up with lessons in 5 minutes or less.  Life skills from the mission.

Well… things are going.  We’re working with a lot of less active families and just trying to energize the ward.  It’s starting to be Christmas time and we’re getting our agendas filled up with meal citas so that’s exciting.  I play Christmas music everyday even though my companion doesn’t like it.  We’re going to have a good time!

I hope you are sharing the gift of Christmas with people.  Seriously.  Put that video on the internet.  Send it to friends and family.  Do it.  It’s important!

I love you all, Bones Festes!

Hermana Durham

E-Mail on 12/1/14 – And the Rains Came Tumbling Down

It’s rained a TON this week.  Am I well equipped with waterproof gear?  No.  Is it a daily adventure?  Of course!  It’s fine… it’s totally fine.  We’ll just get good at dancing in the rain.

Tuesday we had Thanksgiving “dinner” as a district after district meeting which was fun.  We went around and talked about why we were grateful for each other.  We’re just one big happy family!  (Sometimes. We fight sometimes too…)

On Thanksgiving we ate with the Johnson family.  THEY’RE THE BEST!  I love them just so very very much.  They make the best food, they always are willing to help us out, they speak English, they think I’m funny, they really hold this ward together.  I love them.  They have two missionaries out in the field so that’s also probably why.  Families with missionaries are really nice to the missionaries, in general.  They get it, because their kids are out there doing the same thing.

Last Monday the Elders planned a surprise for us.  “Us” ended up being me and Hermana Masters because our companions wanted to stay and have a more restful day.  We went to an awesome park with a labyrinth and then we went to the Rambla to eat “mini menus”.  They’re famous to us now.  It was a fun day!  Then TODAY we went to Hard Rock Cafe to celebrate Elder Gomez’s birthday.  With 12 of us the bill came to a total of a lot of money…. but it’s fine.  We’ll just be frugal these coming weeks.

We had a HUGE miracle yesterday!  Remember Adrian?  He’s kinda seemed not so serious about the lessons and all.  We decided that he needed a little bit of time.  A break, digamos.  We decided for a week we wouldn’t call him and if he didn’t notice, well then he’s not really all that interested.  The idea was to have members invite him to things still (don’t worry… we didn’t completely abandon him).  On Sunday, during church, we received 3 missed calls from him.  I was finally able to call back and he said “Why haven’t you invited me to church or called me?  I’m outside.”  We invited him in (even though church was over) and told him about the baptism of Fernando (Remember the wedding?  YAY!  He’s baptized now!).  He willingly agreed to go and offered to drive us and two members.  Well… it rained a LOT and he was worried his car wouldn’t make it but we said we’d give it a try and pray.  We got right outside the church in Sabadell and his car died.  Not ideal, but hey!  We made it to the baptism!  He sat there listening to the talks, asked my companion how he was supposed to feel if he wanted to get baptized, congratulated the convert and just enjoyed the evening.  After the service he told us we better find some other way home because his car was dead.  I told him to have faith, the car will go!  He rolled his eyes and handed me the keys in defeat.  We ran out to the car (it was still dumping rain), he took the keys back (he didn’t think I would ACTUALLY make him go back out to check), and I think I’ve never prayed so hard in my life as I watched him turn the  keys.  The car started, we screamed and ran to get the members.  We offered one more prayer before heading out.  The car died twice in route but started up each time without problems.  We sang hymns the whole time to help the poor kid calm down.  Everyone made it home safely and we have a cita with him tomorrow.  Baptism?  I think so.  If I could just wrap my mission up with a ribbon, that ribbon would be prayer.  Prayers can do ANYTHING.

This morning I decorated for Christmas and blasted Christmas music because I have been banned from doing so because it wasn’t December.  NOW I can really get into the holiday spirit.

The mission is great.  Even in the rain.  Even when everything fires.  Even when everything fires and it’s raining and you walk around in the rain for 2 1/2 hours and no one is opening their doors.  Even when all the world comes crashing down, because you know what?  Christ suffered more than that.  He knows us.  He knows what we need.  He places people in our lives to help keep us together.  My district is incredible.  The ward is fantastic.  Our piso mates are awesome.  President and Hermana Pace are phenomenal.  So let the hard days come, because the good days are even more rewarding!

I love you, I hope you have a great week!  Next week is transfers (that happened REAL fast) so it’ll be Tuesday that I write again.  Share the Gospel because Christ is the Gift (go to lds.org… watch the movie… do good things with it)

Hermana Durham

E-Mail on 11/24/14 – Come Listen to a Prophet’s Voice

Soooooo… this week was incredible!  We got to meet with Elder Cook on Saturday morning and almost the entire mission was there too.  Crazy to see everyone!  I got to hear all about Vic and about Castellón and I hear about Barcelona often now too so it was nice to catch up on that.  Saw Elder Ferrer, Elder Burnett, and Elder Benton.  Saw Hermana Hemsley, Hermana Scoville, and Hermana Gillette.  It was a nice little time we had.  Mostly, we learned a lot!  My favorite line was: Make something out of your mission.

Then of course we were the lucky ones who were part of the conference.  Juana and Alex (I love Alex with all my heart… he’s the cutest kid ever.  If I could adopt him, I would) came on Saturday night with us and then Esther, Kim, Paco and Honorina came on Sunday.  AHHH! Huge miracles.  Kim told us that she felt something during the meeting.  The messages were perfect for our investigators.  Exactly what they needed.  And then also perfect for our ward!  It was just so inspired and incredible and amazing!  A once in a lifetime experience.

This week is going to be good.  I don’t exactly know how but it will be.  We had a powerful weekend and that can only bring good things.

I’m sorry this is short and lame.  We had an interesting day in Barcelona.  I’ll write more next week!  I love you all very much!  Be good, do good!

Hermana Durham

E-Mail on 11/17/14 – Wind is an Hermana’s Worst Enemy

It´s been soooo windy and cold lately!  Between the scarves, the skirts, and the hair… we show up at citas looking a little crazy.  And I’m sure we’re quite the scene on the street.  Literally the worst.  I’ll take rain and snow over wind as a missionary.  It’s fine though because I genuinely like the constant use of cardigans and tights.

I super totally lied last week when I said it was Stake Conference. It’s this weekend.  So… yeah.  Awkward.  But the really incredible thing is that Elder Cook set a time aside to meet with the missionaries in the mission.  WOAH!  So… yeah.  That’s super exciting.  Saturday, before the conference, we’ll be there with him and a bunch of the missionaries (the ones who are far will have to miss out…sadly…).  My companion is thrilled because, well, those outside of Utah don’t have the chance to see these people as often as we do.  I’m mostly excited for her at this juncture.

This locutorio smells like smoke.  It’s awful.  I can hardly concentrate.

Raul came to church this week which is incredible.  He’s a less active who I haven’t really gotten to know but lately he’s opening up and we’re making big progress with him.  HE CAME TO CHURCH!  I’ve been super excited about that.

Adrian disappeared to Italy so he lost his fecha…because he was in Italy instead of being here… to get baptized… Whatever.  He said he’d be back tomorrow so we’ll get him to the conference and he’ll get baptized and it’ll be fine.

Juana “accepted” a fecha.  She actually said the words “No voy a bautizarme este día” as she was writing her name on the calendar so I think she’s lying about not getting baptized.  She’s just afraid of commitment.  We had a really fantastic visit with her and a member who helped a ton.  Returned missionaries are the best at member visits!

The Hermanas of Sabadell moved out and then back in… still have bed bugs.  Poor dears.  But we had missed them for the 4 days that they were gone.  We’re excited that we can have them for the holidays.  It’ll make them that much better!

I just love the mission.  It’s about the greatest thing ever.  We had a slightly slow week but things are just so promising right now.  I’m stoked!  We have an incredible week ahead and we have a great ward and a great district and everything is super great!  I feel like a cheerleader… gross.  But everything is just great!  The gospel makes you happy, I can testify of that.

Read the Book of Mormon, peeps.  You should be in Alma 56.  We’re getting closer and closer!  I need to pick up the reading in Spanish so I can finish it again by my goal… but just keep reading!  I love you all!

Hermana Durham

E-Mail on 11/10/14 – Our Big, Fat, Ecuadorian/Dominican Wedding

Amparito and Fernando got married on Saturday!  Amparito is the cutest little lady from Ecuador who is all about helping us out and sharing the gospel.  She’s been a member for awhile.  Her significant other, Fernando, is not a member.  But he will be soon!  This whole week has been full of helping out here and there to get them all ready.  We were also told that we could invite people…so we definitely did.  It was really great!  They were so cute and so happy!  I had to tell Amparo to stop worrying about everything and just enjoy her day.  Multiple times.  And you best believe that we went fishing… lots of numbers, lots of inviting people to the church and activities and such.

Juana is also finally moved out.  What a relief!  She’s a lot more calm now and hopefully this means she can get focused on the gospel.  We met with her last night and she seemed a lot happier.  We’re hoping she comes to a Noche de Hogar with us tonight where we’ll talk about obedience so we can get her to commit to things… like reading, praying… baptism… the usual.

Adrian came to church yesterday and stayed for all 3 hours.  Miracle of miracles!  The problem is that he’s still not really letting us set up enough visits with him so we can’t teach him everything so he really can’t be ready for baptism this week.  Plus, we’re not 100% his motives are where they should be.  I have hope in him.  It’s just going to take some time.

This weekend Elder Cook will be coming to talk to our Stake.  Am I a little excited?  Definitely!  Are we telling everyone and their dog to come?  YES!  Well… not their dogs.  Sorry, Gary.

I bought a new plant this week.  I neglected to mention that Penelope had a really bad fall, broke her neck, and had to be put to rest.  Mostly because it still hurt… It happened at the beginning of last transfer.  I had avoided replacing her because it’s hard to replace your dear friend you’ve had in all your areas, but finally I did it.  I have a new, tiny plant named Montse.  Catalan name.  Not sure what I’ll do with her in about 3 months but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

Today we’re going to play ultimate frisbee in Barcelona.  I don’t know why, but we were obligated to come by the Elders.  Therefore, those are our plans.  Hopefully it can relieve some stress.

It’s getting cold here.  Really cold.  Esther, another investigator, has offered to fix my gloves so that I can start wearing them and not die.  That was sweet of her.  So yeah.  Scarves and sweaters and tights and gloves… tis the season!

I hope you’re all reading the Book of Mormon.  Start studying Preach My Gospel too while you’re at it.  It’s the time of year to start sharing your testimony of Christ and what better way to do that than through the Book of Mormon.  Be good, do good, always smile!

Hermana Durham.

E-Mail on 11/3/14 – “¿Sabe lo que dice de los martes? No te cases ni te embarques”

Wise advice from my bishop this week. I’m starting to wonder if I even copied it correctly… Hmm… no importa.

This week was … slow.  At best.  We’re trying to help Juana move out of her house which has actually just been me cleaning little things here and there and Hermana Stanciu looking at the things Juana might throw out.  Literally the longest process of moving I’ve ever seen.

I’ve learned how to say “Goodnight, I love you” in Romanian.  My companion tried to teach me to say “I am beautiful” but it was too late at night and too hard to say.  But I AM learning it!  And Spanish.  She helps me all the time and it’s cute because I get to help with English.  We sing hymns in English and read the white hand book in English too.  That’s been weird because I’m used to Spanish only.  I taught her “As the Shadows Fall”.

Halloween happened.  We bought face paint and got a little artistic.  Next time I’ll send pictures.  A member made us pumpkin pie too!  That was cute!  They do take care of us here…keeping in mind all our holidays and such.

We’re getting to know the members a lot better.  We basically have our Christmas plans set up so that’s good.  That was apparently a priority for my companion.  It was one of the first things she asked me actually… my response was “Uh… it’s still October…” and that wasn’t good enough.

Adrian has accepted to be baptized on the 15th but the further along we get the more it seems that he’s in it for the cute girls that show up to chat and not for the Lord.  Kinda discouraging.

Over all, we have very little to work with in the area.  We need to find new people, talk to everyone, find a bunch of less actives on our list from the ward.  I still feel really new to Terrassa and the further along I get the more new to the mission I feel.  I straight up feel like I was in training yesterday.  Didn’t I just leave the MTC?  No?  That’s not what happened?  Sheesh.

No one here knows how much time I have in the mission and that’s a relief.  I’ve devised a brilliant plan!  I’m going to just tell them on my last Sunday here that I’m going to Barcelona.  Not a lie, just a stretched truth.  I am in fact going to Barcelona… and then home… but no one needs to know that.  It’s worked wonderfully.  Everyone thinks I’ve got like a year or so in the mission.  Mwahahaha!

So basically, we’re starting activities, getting the ward pumped up to do some work, lots of menos activo work (love that actually) and finding new people.  Is there anything too hard for the Lord?  No.  So… off we go!  It’s getting cold but that’s okay because I like that better anyway.

Be good, kids.  Share the gospel with everyone!  Read your scriptures, pray every day, and go to church.  Or you’ll suffer.  Basically what I’ve learned from my studies.

Hermana Durham