E-Mail from 1/5/15 – The Final Countdown . . . Fo’ Realsies.

Can you believe it´s 2015?!  Wow! That whole 2014 year went by pretty fast to me.  It was fun to spend the night in our study room on the floor, listening to our gitana sing songs in Spanish and then at 12 we cracked open a couple cans of grapes and ate those puppies!  Weird Spanish traditions… they’re wonderful.

Well, as hard as I tried to keep my death a secret, the secret is out.  People know.  There are the very few kind people who don’t mention it at all and then there are the less kind (very cruel) people who straight up say “So when do you leave?” or telling you you have 15 days left.  Who’s counting anyway?  It can sometimes create problems… like the mental breakdown I had on Sunday where I cried through the first two hours of church.  No big deal.  I freaked out my poor companion and the poor Elders.  Oh well.

We had interviews with President Pace and he is just wonderful.  He has a great way of just making you feel special and loved even when everything seems gloomy and sad.  We’ve just decided to keep on working hard, even as the end draws near.

Today is my birthday.  I woke up and the front room was decorated.  We ate lunch with the Elders and the Sabadell Hermanas at the Viking burger restaurant that I love so very much, then we went to the church where the Elders had decorated and had a Reyes cake and everything.  I was put in charge of cutting and distributing the pieces.  I got the king!  They said I cheated but I didn’t,  I promise!  Later we’re going to see the parade where the kings come in.  YAY!  Birthday parades and cakes and things!  I have a pretty sweet set up here in Spain, not going to lie.  My companion is doing her best to make my day the best.  Sweet thing, she is.  I also broke out into hives.  Yay, birthday hives!

This week the work will hopefully get back to the normal swing (just in time for me to get going…) and I hope to add as much as possible to the area.  Victor wasn’t able to come to church but we still maintain contact and he’s still working towards baptism.  Juana set a fecha with us for the 17th and DID come to church! YAY!  Adrian told me he’d be baptized as a gift for my birthday after telling me I looked beautiful… so I told him no thanks on the birthday baptism.  But he came to another baptism on Saturday and liked it.  Hopefully we see some more progress from him too.  Adrian just called and said hello to you all.

It’s been another slower week because of illness.  The last little bit I’ve not taught much with my actual companion.  A couple times with Hermana Reid, a couple times with Hermana Foncubierta, a couple times with members… the time I did actually leave with my companion she couldn’t speak so I taught by myself… things like that.  Hopefully we all get healthy so that I can do some real work soon.  That’d be nice.

I was reading Helaman and 3rd Nephi this week and one verse stuck out to me this time that I had never really noticed before about Samuel the Lamanite.  Helaman 16:7 says: “And as they went forth to lay their hands on him, behold, he did cast himself down from the wall, and did flee out of their lands,yea, even unto his own country, and began to preach and to prophesy among his own people.”

And I thought to myself… that’s interesting.  The Lord really does prepare people for the next steps in life.  Samuel went back home and helped out his own people and well… I have to too.  It’s part of life.

Anyway… so I hope you have a really wonderful week and that you do good things with yourselves.  I love you all!  Be good!

Hermana Durham.

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