New E-Mail From 12/29/14 – Feliz Navidad, Prospero Año y . . . Enfermedad

Christmas is always a wonderful time of year, isn’t it?  We spent the majority of our time rushing from place to place, enjoying the members (Judith and Marina, Christiana and Marcelo, Rosa, Clara and her family, the bishop and his family, Amparito and Fernando, the Johnson family) and eating way too much food!  It was a blast to visit everyone… so much fun in fact that it’s gotten us straight up ill.

Yeah… My companion was simply not okay on Friday.  What do we do?  Splits! Judith came and nursed my companion while I hit the streets with Kaoma.  We had an enjoyable day eating with Kim, wishing Esther a Merry Christmas, visiting with Victor, and then passing by the hospital to see how Rosario was doing.  Fun thing about that last plan…. on holidays they close the hospital at 9:30… and we definitely tried to leave that place at 9:32.  Very punctual people, eh?  So we got to go harass the nurses to let us out.  We went down to the creepy underground hall and Kaoma says “And here comes the Zombies…” and then we finally get out and get to walk across the huge, not so illuminated park to get home in time.  Stressful… but fun!

However… this made it so that I felt awful.  Saturday was spent inside ALL DAY.  Sleeping, eating soup (my soups are getting quite delicious, if I do say so myself) and tidying.  Busy work because we couldn’t leave.

So… Sunday came.  The sacrament is really important so we get put together.  I felt more or less better but my companion was still not doing great.  We went to church.  Victor came and he said he enjoyed it!  My cute little “companion” Kaoma was just as nervous when he wasn’t showing up and then just as excited when he finally came!  We had a good lesson on the priesthood and I was able to help the newbie out with explaining priesthood and women… I’m kinda a veteran when it comes to teaching.  Not to be prideful or whatever.  Then we went home.  Hermana Foncubierta wasn’t feeling super great so we had the amazing idea to ALL go to the Sabadell church (which starts at 4 in the afternoon… yuck…) and then she would return with my companion while I stayed with Hermana Reid.  A quick call to our district leader who made a quick call to the zone leader approved that and we were off on an adventure.  6 hours of church later, Hermana Reid and I had a jolly good time in Sabadell and then we were able to contact Vito and have a miracle member present in Terrassa.

Now today… I feel pretty dreadful again.  I’m not sure we’ll go out tonight.  Hopefully we can but it’d be better if we didn’t.  This week we have lots of things planned with the New Year and Zone Enfoque coming up so I gotta get better.  Ideally I’d never get sick and everything would work out but… life’s not perfect.

God lives.  He loves us.  He knows us.  There is always hope for a better life.  Now go share that with people.  Have a wonderful new year!  Make goals to share the good tidings of great joy!

Hermana Durham

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