E-mail on 12/22/14 – “Why would anyone WANT that phone?!”

So… remember how like a year ago on Christmas we lost our phone?  Yeah… So on our way home from a really incredible Zone Conference some really wonderful child of God STOLE OUR FLIPPIN PHONE IN THE METRO OF BARCELONA!!!!  I couldn’t believe it.  Seriously.  If you only knew how crappy these phones are… And the fact that it happened to me twice.  Same time of year and the same metro and EVERYTHING!  They also stole my travel pass and it was so convenient that at that moment they decided to check at the gates to make sure everyone had their passes, because if you don’t it’s a 50-100 euro fine.  Thankfully the man wasn’t completely heartless (but he wasn’t kind) and let me go.  But dang.  So… I cried on the train home with all the Terrassa and Sabadell missionaries trying to console me.  They decided I needed to open my christmas package from Grandma, which I initially denied but then they started opening it for me so I took it from them and opened it myself.  That ended up helping a little.  Sorry that I opened my present early, Grandma.  So Friday we went back down to Barcelona to get me a new pass and a new phone which is even worse but at least we have a fun.  And this time we didn’t have to change numbers.  Menos mal.

The Christmas party went pretty well.  It was refreshing to just show up, grab a plate of food, chat with the people and then leave with tupperware full of food.  We didn’t really have to do anything.  We offered to help but we were told “You work all the time, you do your job already.  We got it.”  I did get to share my not so talented talent of playing the piano one-handed for some overly stressed youth who didn’t know what to do without accompaniment.  The talent part came in with the fact that the piano bench was being used for seating and so I played standing up.  NAILED IT!  (More or less).  We as the missionaries sang “Cantan Santos Angeles” (Angels We Have Heard on High) in a quick “we never practiced anything and so… this is what we’re doing…” moment of thinking.  It turned out fine.  Mostly it was great to see a handful of less actives and investigators show up for the event.  YAY!

On Saturday we started the day off with a proselyting activity to help share the video “He is the Gift”.  We conveniently have someone who works in the government ask permission for us to be in a hot spot in town with a table and a banner.  Members brought their laptops and phones to go out and share the video.  A bunch of youth came to help pass out cards.  All in all, it went well.  We got numbers, got people thinking of Christmas, and even a few citas set up.  And I think we’re going to be in the Liahona coming up as part of the “Local News” because the bishop’s wife does that.  We got connections.

Later that night we hopped on a train to Barcelona to go see David Archuleta. We were able to bring Esther and her two daughters.  It was pretty cute because he’s just a sweetheart.  He spoke in Spanish which surprised our investigator, Esther.  We told her that it was because he had been a missionary like us in Chile.  He sang beautiful songs, a handful in English and one that is typical of Spain which he confessed he had never sung before.  It was a pretty cute little event.  I got to see a bunch of Barcelona and Vic people which made my day/week/month.

Adrian came to church on Sunday, which surprised a handful of people.  He told us he wanted to visit with us.  The bishop announced that the ward needs to embrace us, love us, and invite us into their homes during the holidays.  That was really thoughtful (but now we’re really booked…).  Amparito helped us with a few citas in the afternoon.  When we visited Esther she had told us that she came home and started listening to more of David Archuleta’s music…. cute!  Then we met a really prepared man named Victor who told us that he wasn’t sold on the catholic church and wanted to learn the truth.  We had two great family home evenings and I helped a cute little YW make cookies for her classmates.  I hope those turned out…

Tomorrow we have our Christmas district meeting.  I have to make pumpkin pie tonight.  Then this week is full of visiting the people we love who love us back this week.  It’s going to be great!  They’re taking good care of us.

I hope you share the gospel this week because the truth is… it’s the best gift you can give.  The world needs the message we have.  The light of Christmas is the Savior.  His Atonement.  His love.  God’s love.  Give that to those you meet by serving them and loving them enough to invite them to listen to the missionaries or to read the Book of Mormon (or both… why stop at one?).

I love you all, Merry Christmas!  Bon Nadal!  Feliz Navidad!

Hermana Durham.

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