E-Mail on 12/15/14 – David Archuleta is Coming to Town

This Saturday.  We got tickets and we’re bringing investigators.  What-what!  This should be really interesting.  It’s a special missionary event and an awesome excuse to party.  Not party.  Help people feel the spirit through the musical talents of a returned missionary.

This Friday we have the ward dinner and boy is that stressful for everyone involved.  I don’t want to be involved but I’ve been enlisted to play the piano for the youth as part of their talent.  And we have to do a talent…shoot!  We haven’t decided what that is going to be yet… And we need to buy a salad and chicken.  Oh gosh.

On church this Sunday, we got to enjoy the primary program.  The kids were really cute, as always.  They struggled a bit with some of the songs but all things considered, it was a beautiful program.  I loved it!  PLUS, a less active family we’ve been working with came!  I literally almost cried when they walked in the door.  Wow.  It was incredible.  Then Kim and Julian came which was a miracle because they’ve been a little bit hard to track down these days.  I also got to surprise teach a class.  I’m getting better at randomly coming up with lessons in 5 minutes or less.  Life skills from the mission.

Well… things are going.  We’re working with a lot of less active families and just trying to energize the ward.  It’s starting to be Christmas time and we’re getting our agendas filled up with meal citas so that’s exciting.  I play Christmas music everyday even though my companion doesn’t like it.  We’re going to have a good time!

I hope you are sharing the gift of Christmas with people.  Seriously.  Put that video on the internet.  Send it to friends and family.  Do it.  It’s important!

I love you all, Bones Festes!

Hermana Durham

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