E-Mail on 12/1/14 – And the Rains Came Tumbling Down

It’s rained a TON this week.  Am I well equipped with waterproof gear?  No.  Is it a daily adventure?  Of course!  It’s fine… it’s totally fine.  We’ll just get good at dancing in the rain.

Tuesday we had Thanksgiving “dinner” as a district after district meeting which was fun.  We went around and talked about why we were grateful for each other.  We’re just one big happy family!  (Sometimes. We fight sometimes too…)

On Thanksgiving we ate with the Johnson family.  THEY’RE THE BEST!  I love them just so very very much.  They make the best food, they always are willing to help us out, they speak English, they think I’m funny, they really hold this ward together.  I love them.  They have two missionaries out in the field so that’s also probably why.  Families with missionaries are really nice to the missionaries, in general.  They get it, because their kids are out there doing the same thing.

Last Monday the Elders planned a surprise for us.  “Us” ended up being me and Hermana Masters because our companions wanted to stay and have a more restful day.  We went to an awesome park with a labyrinth and then we went to the Rambla to eat “mini menus”.  They’re famous to us now.  It was a fun day!  Then TODAY we went to Hard Rock Cafe to celebrate Elder Gomez’s birthday.  With 12 of us the bill came to a total of a lot of money…. but it’s fine.  We’ll just be frugal these coming weeks.

We had a HUGE miracle yesterday!  Remember Adrian?  He’s kinda seemed not so serious about the lessons and all.  We decided that he needed a little bit of time.  A break, digamos.  We decided for a week we wouldn’t call him and if he didn’t notice, well then he’s not really all that interested.  The idea was to have members invite him to things still (don’t worry… we didn’t completely abandon him).  On Sunday, during church, we received 3 missed calls from him.  I was finally able to call back and he said “Why haven’t you invited me to church or called me?  I’m outside.”  We invited him in (even though church was over) and told him about the baptism of Fernando (Remember the wedding?  YAY!  He’s baptized now!).  He willingly agreed to go and offered to drive us and two members.  Well… it rained a LOT and he was worried his car wouldn’t make it but we said we’d give it a try and pray.  We got right outside the church in Sabadell and his car died.  Not ideal, but hey!  We made it to the baptism!  He sat there listening to the talks, asked my companion how he was supposed to feel if he wanted to get baptized, congratulated the convert and just enjoyed the evening.  After the service he told us we better find some other way home because his car was dead.  I told him to have faith, the car will go!  He rolled his eyes and handed me the keys in defeat.  We ran out to the car (it was still dumping rain), he took the keys back (he didn’t think I would ACTUALLY make him go back out to check), and I think I’ve never prayed so hard in my life as I watched him turn the  keys.  The car started, we screamed and ran to get the members.  We offered one more prayer before heading out.  The car died twice in route but started up each time without problems.  We sang hymns the whole time to help the poor kid calm down.  Everyone made it home safely and we have a cita with him tomorrow.  Baptism?  I think so.  If I could just wrap my mission up with a ribbon, that ribbon would be prayer.  Prayers can do ANYTHING.

This morning I decorated for Christmas and blasted Christmas music because I have been banned from doing so because it wasn’t December.  NOW I can really get into the holiday spirit.

The mission is great.  Even in the rain.  Even when everything fires.  Even when everything fires and it’s raining and you walk around in the rain for 2 1/2 hours and no one is opening their doors.  Even when all the world comes crashing down, because you know what?  Christ suffered more than that.  He knows us.  He knows what we need.  He places people in our lives to help keep us together.  My district is incredible.  The ward is fantastic.  Our piso mates are awesome.  President and Hermana Pace are phenomenal.  So let the hard days come, because the good days are even more rewarding!

I love you, I hope you have a great week!  Next week is transfers (that happened REAL fast) so it’ll be Tuesday that I write again.  Share the Gospel because Christ is the Gift (go to lds.org… watch the movie… do good things with it)

Hermana Durham

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