E-Mail on 11/24/14 – Come Listen to a Prophet’s Voice

Soooooo… this week was incredible!  We got to meet with Elder Cook on Saturday morning and almost the entire mission was there too.  Crazy to see everyone!  I got to hear all about Vic and about Castellón and I hear about Barcelona often now too so it was nice to catch up on that.  Saw Elder Ferrer, Elder Burnett, and Elder Benton.  Saw Hermana Hemsley, Hermana Scoville, and Hermana Gillette.  It was a nice little time we had.  Mostly, we learned a lot!  My favorite line was: Make something out of your mission.

Then of course we were the lucky ones who were part of the conference.  Juana and Alex (I love Alex with all my heart… he’s the cutest kid ever.  If I could adopt him, I would) came on Saturday night with us and then Esther, Kim, Paco and Honorina came on Sunday.  AHHH! Huge miracles.  Kim told us that she felt something during the meeting.  The messages were perfect for our investigators.  Exactly what they needed.  And then also perfect for our ward!  It was just so inspired and incredible and amazing!  A once in a lifetime experience.

This week is going to be good.  I don’t exactly know how but it will be.  We had a powerful weekend and that can only bring good things.

I’m sorry this is short and lame.  We had an interesting day in Barcelona.  I’ll write more next week!  I love you all very much!  Be good, do good!

Hermana Durham


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