E-Mail on 11/3/14 – “¿Sabe lo que dice de los martes? No te cases ni te embarques”

Wise advice from my bishop this week. I’m starting to wonder if I even copied it correctly… Hmm… no importa.

This week was … slow.  At best.  We’re trying to help Juana move out of her house which has actually just been me cleaning little things here and there and Hermana Stanciu looking at the things Juana might throw out.  Literally the longest process of moving I’ve ever seen.

I’ve learned how to say “Goodnight, I love you” in Romanian.  My companion tried to teach me to say “I am beautiful” but it was too late at night and too hard to say.  But I AM learning it!  And Spanish.  She helps me all the time and it’s cute because I get to help with English.  We sing hymns in English and read the white hand book in English too.  That’s been weird because I’m used to Spanish only.  I taught her “As the Shadows Fall”.

Halloween happened.  We bought face paint and got a little artistic.  Next time I’ll send pictures.  A member made us pumpkin pie too!  That was cute!  They do take care of us here…keeping in mind all our holidays and such.

We’re getting to know the members a lot better.  We basically have our Christmas plans set up so that’s good.  That was apparently a priority for my companion.  It was one of the first things she asked me actually… my response was “Uh… it’s still October…” and that wasn’t good enough.

Adrian has accepted to be baptized on the 15th but the further along we get the more it seems that he’s in it for the cute girls that show up to chat and not for the Lord.  Kinda discouraging.

Over all, we have very little to work with in the area.  We need to find new people, talk to everyone, find a bunch of less actives on our list from the ward.  I still feel really new to Terrassa and the further along I get the more new to the mission I feel.  I straight up feel like I was in training yesterday.  Didn’t I just leave the MTC?  No?  That’s not what happened?  Sheesh.

No one here knows how much time I have in the mission and that’s a relief.  I’ve devised a brilliant plan!  I’m going to just tell them on my last Sunday here that I’m going to Barcelona.  Not a lie, just a stretched truth.  I am in fact going to Barcelona… and then home… but no one needs to know that.  It’s worked wonderfully.  Everyone thinks I’ve got like a year or so in the mission.  Mwahahaha!

So basically, we’re starting activities, getting the ward pumped up to do some work, lots of menos activo work (love that actually) and finding new people.  Is there anything too hard for the Lord?  No.  So… off we go!  It’s getting cold but that’s okay because I like that better anyway.

Be good, kids.  Share the gospel with everyone!  Read your scriptures, pray every day, and go to church.  Or you’ll suffer.  Basically what I’ve learned from my studies.

Hermana Durham

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