E-Mail on 10/13/14 – We can have our cake and eat it too!

The lice thing is going okay.  Tomorrow I have to re-poison my head JUST IN CASE.  Charming, right?  But it should be fine.  I did have a fun case of busting out into hives though.  I get stress hives.  That is what we’ve decided, with all our wise medical knowledge that we have.  I’ve never gotten hives before in my life, but on the mission it’s happened 4 times now.  In stressful situations.  That’s what we’re stickin’ with.

This week my dear companion made wonderful pass-by sheets and cards to help me get to know the area a little better.  She did this while I was knocked out cold by my stress hives… poor thing.  I felt so bad!  Sick days are the worst things ever and especially when you just want to go out and work hard.  BUT the pass-by sheets and color coordinated map is probably the coolest thing ever.  It will help us a lot to be more effect and stay organized.  It’s already proving to be a good little back-up plan when people fail to be at home or whatever.

The Elders made and delivered cake for us on Thursday for weekly planning.  Super sweet!  We have some top notch guys here.  I don’t know why they did it (maybe the whole lice/hives/bed bugs thing made them have some pity on us) but it was awesome.  Oh!  They had promised to save Hermana Masters a few pieces from last Monday and they didn’t.  That was probably it.

We went to Tibidaboo last week.  On the top of this really awesome mountain that overlooks Sabadell and Barcelona is a huge church… and an amusement park.  We went and looked at the church, got to the top where Jesus is, took pictures, then went down and ate papa a la juancaína (we had to phonetically spell that) with cake.  Eating a peruvian meal outside a catholic church on top of a mountain in Spain…. sounds like the perfect cultural experience, right?  It was awesome.  Today we’re taking Hermana Masters out for her birthday, which is tomorrow.  The Elders were disappointed in our “girl date, no Elders allowed” plans, but they’ll get over it.

Adrian fell off the face of the earth.  Sad day.  We’re working on finding new people and working with the ward and just getting the whole thing under control.  We don’t talk about the fact that Hermana Rackham is on her last two weeks because everyone else already reminds her.  It is sad.  I’ve successfully lied to everyone about my time here so no one knows.  We’ll see if that holds up.  Do I feel bad?  No.

Hopefully this week does not hold any dramatic surprises or anything…We see miracles every day and we’re just happy.  It’s fun to walk in the rain in the ghetto of Terrassa!  That could be taken sarcastically but I mean it!  We’re having a blast here and it’ll only get better!

Share the gospel this week!  Hay que compartir el amor de Dios!

Hermana Durham

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