E-Mail on 10/6/14 – Ay… Que Semana Mas Loca

So just over a year ago I wrote an email about lisps and love and lice, right?  Lets dwell on that for a moment as I tell the tale of how I definitely relived an aspect of that.

MY HEAD ITCHES STILL!  That’s my not so subtle way of telling ya’ll that I got lice.  I don’t know how but my head was killing me.  Thankfully no one else in the piso was infected, not even my companion.  I would have felt so bad if Sabadell left bed bugs to come and get lice… jeez.  But no.  Just me.  My poor, sweet companion spent a good hour and a half picking nits out of my hair.  Super fun for all of us.  The Elders took the news dramatically and think they have lice too, which they don’t.  If my companion didn’t get it, how in the world did they?  So… another two weeks with a plastic bag pillow.  Yay.

This Monday the Hermanas moved in, right?  We called the Elders to see if they had any extra sheets, blankets, pillows, etc.  They assured us that they could get some stuff to us.  I then said “Okay… you probably will say no because this is silly, but…do you have an extra dresser?”.  Miraculously they did.  Double miracle was that they were all free at that moment to carry it to our piso.  It’s a huge dresser.  The Elders are not exactly body builders.  They deserve such hot wives for the distance they had to walk, the hill they had to climb, the stairs they had to head up all for the sake of letting us have space to put our clothing.  AND they brought cupcakes.  Could they be any sweeter?!  Top notch Elders we have.

Conference was this weekend and we LOVED IT!  I had to watch the majority of it in Spanish because of slow internet.  I loved that the speakers could speak in their native tongues.  That made it awesome.  Ironically enough we watched the spanish Elder in English… it would have been easier in Spanish for us but oh well.  I really loved what Elder Jorg Klebingat had to say.  Elder Holland was solid as well, as usual.  It’s a bummer that the Sunday afternoon session isn’t available to download quite yet because we missed that one.  I’m sure it was great!  But wow, what a great weekend!  Kim and Julian (two investigators) came to conference and loved it.

Tomorrow we have interviews with President and I’m very excited!  They’re my favorite!

Trying to get a hang of Terrassa and I’m still not very confident with the area.  I hardly know the ward.  It’ll be an interesting transition when all of a sudden I am the one who knows the area.  Yikes!

We met a kid named Adrian this week.  He has a fecha for the 25th to get baptized.  We’re excited about it.  He reminds me a lot of Kevin.  I hope that it goes well but it’s still a new development.  We have a lot of new developments.  Gotta start getting those ironed out.

Well, I hope you all learned great things from Conference.  Share those great things!  Be good, be happy!  Love you all!  (Holy Cow! PICTURES!)

Hermana Durham


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