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E-Mail from 10/28/14 – And then there were two . . .

But we’re not counting.  It’s a weird day and unfortunately with all the moving and transfers and crazy it’s looking a little bit like I won’t have much time to write.

I’m in Terrassa still.  Super shocker!  My new companion is Hermana Stanciu.  She’s Romanian, but she grew up in Madrid.  Guess who’s spending the last few transfers in Spanish? … This gal!  Oh yay!  And apparently she’s a machine so I’m super stoked because we’re going to baptize 6 converts.  The rest of the district is the same, which is always nice.  I really like the Elders we have here.  They’re good kids.  Hermana Masters and Hermana Reid are still in the piso…until further notice.  So fun for them!

Adrian is doing pretty good.  He’s just a good solid kid.  He reminds me a lot of Kevin from Vic.  Sweet, genuine, ready for the gospel, sad past… but it’ll be good.  We have to work on the hope thing.  We’re going to set a baptismal date on Thursday.

This transfer will be one of finding lots of people to work with and getting organized.  Also, I’m totally getting this ward excited about life because we don’t do activities or nothing.  Boo on that!  So if I have to, I’m going to single-handedly start activities.  But thankfully the Elders are okay with that so… we’re going to do it!

Next month we have the opportunity to have Stake Conference.  The REALLY cool part is that Elder Quentin L. Cook is coming!  Everyone is so very excited.  We’re inviting the whole world practically.  It’ll be in the Barcelona chapel so that’ll be nice to spend every single Stake Conference in the same building.  Cute, right?  November 22nd and 23rd (I think…).  Gonna be great!

It was a week of miracles.  It started with the Christmas turron, finding 6 new investigators, having members just pop out of nowhere to help, and ended with a great couple of lessons.  The area is progressing.  I’m very excited to just rock it out.  Work hard until the day I “die”.  The best part of all of this is that no one knows how much time I have in the mission, so it’s an exciting thing for everyone.  I’ll just disappear! … maybe…

Sorry it’s short.  I love you all, be good, share the gospel!  I’ll keep better notes of the week for next time.  MUAH!

Hermana Durham

E-Mail on 10/20/14 – Blood, Sweat, and Tears

We’ve had a weird heat wave this week.  The Elders were given the okay to not have to wear their jackets until tomorrow.  They enjoyed that.  It’s nothing like Castellón hot but it got close.

We tried to celebrate Hna. Masters birthday but her companion was sick so we had to just spend the day writing letters in piso…which was depressing.  We bought fake champagne though and I made a cheesecake and we had that the next night to celebrate.  We also made pancakes in the morning to celebrate.  Then we took them out to eat at this really cool Viking Burger joint to celebrate.  Um… Viking burgers?!  Can it get any cooler?!?! No.  It can’t. So that’s how we tried to patch up the birthday thing.

We met with Adrian this week!  It was an awesome lesson.  He told us why he had disappeared (girl problems…ugh we’re the worst) and said he was really glad to spend time with us again because we help him feel better.  He told us he probably wouldn’t come to church on Sunday because he wasn’t sure about his schedule.  On Sunday we got a call during the Sacrament (super embarrassing… I was mortified) and it was him!  He showed up at the church!  He stayed, seemed to enjoy himself, we confirmed a cita for Tuesday and he left.  He said he might not be home though because he’s mad he doesn’t know my name…I hope he was kidding.

It’s Hermana Rackham’s last week.  We’re not going to talk about it too much but we are trying to slowly make it more real so that she can feel…normal… so that she doesn’t burst into tears when it is mentioned… things like that.  She’s taking it like a champ.  We’re going to work our tails off this week though!  She’s really quite incredible, this gal.

This Saturday we sang for a blood drive.  Then we donated blood.  I tried to but here’s the thing… I have tiny veins that are hard to find.  I had to get stabbed in both arms.  They finally got a vein BUT because it was so small I couldn’t fill up the bag in the time frame and therefore, it was all for nothing!  BOO!  I get to join the “I’m special and can’t donate even though I want to” club.

Kim and Julian finally set up a cita with us.  Julian gets it!  His korean wife…not so much.  It’s amazing to see how they want to change.  Julian chose not to drink wine or coffee in front of us.  That’s a cute little change.  He also prayed.  Kim prays too.  They’re getting there!

Juana let us in (we’re cleaning her house tonight… yay service!) and had us share the message.  She closed with a prayer that was super powerful!  She asked for help to understand the Book of Mormon because she knew it was true and that the church was true.  Baptism, anyone?  She’s older…so it’s harder for her to retain information.  Little by little with her.  BUT WOW!

It’s been a really good week.  We’re going to Barcelona to go bowling with a TON of missionaries because it’s the last preparation day of the transfer (Meaning next week I’ll write you on Tuesday) so it’s a party.  We’re dropping of Hna. Reid to sleep at a members house so that Hna. Masters can actually have fun for once.  Poor dear.

Do good things, read your scriptures (should be starting Alma 7 today), share the gospel, be happy!

Hermana Durham

E-Mail on 10/13/14 – We can have our cake and eat it too!

The lice thing is going okay.  Tomorrow I have to re-poison my head JUST IN CASE.  Charming, right?  But it should be fine.  I did have a fun case of busting out into hives though.  I get stress hives.  That is what we’ve decided, with all our wise medical knowledge that we have.  I’ve never gotten hives before in my life, but on the mission it’s happened 4 times now.  In stressful situations.  That’s what we’re stickin’ with.

This week my dear companion made wonderful pass-by sheets and cards to help me get to know the area a little better.  She did this while I was knocked out cold by my stress hives… poor thing.  I felt so bad!  Sick days are the worst things ever and especially when you just want to go out and work hard.  BUT the pass-by sheets and color coordinated map is probably the coolest thing ever.  It will help us a lot to be more effect and stay organized.  It’s already proving to be a good little back-up plan when people fail to be at home or whatever.

The Elders made and delivered cake for us on Thursday for weekly planning.  Super sweet!  We have some top notch guys here.  I don’t know why they did it (maybe the whole lice/hives/bed bugs thing made them have some pity on us) but it was awesome.  Oh!  They had promised to save Hermana Masters a few pieces from last Monday and they didn’t.  That was probably it.

We went to Tibidaboo last week.  On the top of this really awesome mountain that overlooks Sabadell and Barcelona is a huge church… and an amusement park.  We went and looked at the church, got to the top where Jesus is, took pictures, then went down and ate papa a la juancaína (we had to phonetically spell that) with cake.  Eating a peruvian meal outside a catholic church on top of a mountain in Spain…. sounds like the perfect cultural experience, right?  It was awesome.  Today we’re taking Hermana Masters out for her birthday, which is tomorrow.  The Elders were disappointed in our “girl date, no Elders allowed” plans, but they’ll get over it.

Adrian fell off the face of the earth.  Sad day.  We’re working on finding new people and working with the ward and just getting the whole thing under control.  We don’t talk about the fact that Hermana Rackham is on her last two weeks because everyone else already reminds her.  It is sad.  I’ve successfully lied to everyone about my time here so no one knows.  We’ll see if that holds up.  Do I feel bad?  No.

Hopefully this week does not hold any dramatic surprises or anything…We see miracles every day and we’re just happy.  It’s fun to walk in the rain in the ghetto of Terrassa!  That could be taken sarcastically but I mean it!  We’re having a blast here and it’ll only get better!

Share the gospel this week!  Hay que compartir el amor de Dios!

Hermana Durham

E-Mail on 10/6/14 – Ay… Que Semana Mas Loca

So just over a year ago I wrote an email about lisps and love and lice, right?  Lets dwell on that for a moment as I tell the tale of how I definitely relived an aspect of that.

MY HEAD ITCHES STILL!  That’s my not so subtle way of telling ya’ll that I got lice.  I don’t know how but my head was killing me.  Thankfully no one else in the piso was infected, not even my companion.  I would have felt so bad if Sabadell left bed bugs to come and get lice… jeez.  But no.  Just me.  My poor, sweet companion spent a good hour and a half picking nits out of my hair.  Super fun for all of us.  The Elders took the news dramatically and think they have lice too, which they don’t.  If my companion didn’t get it, how in the world did they?  So… another two weeks with a plastic bag pillow.  Yay.

This Monday the Hermanas moved in, right?  We called the Elders to see if they had any extra sheets, blankets, pillows, etc.  They assured us that they could get some stuff to us.  I then said “Okay… you probably will say no because this is silly, but…do you have an extra dresser?”.  Miraculously they did.  Double miracle was that they were all free at that moment to carry it to our piso.  It’s a huge dresser.  The Elders are not exactly body builders.  They deserve such hot wives for the distance they had to walk, the hill they had to climb, the stairs they had to head up all for the sake of letting us have space to put our clothing.  AND they brought cupcakes.  Could they be any sweeter?!  Top notch Elders we have.

Conference was this weekend and we LOVED IT!  I had to watch the majority of it in Spanish because of slow internet.  I loved that the speakers could speak in their native tongues.  That made it awesome.  Ironically enough we watched the spanish Elder in English… it would have been easier in Spanish for us but oh well.  I really loved what Elder Jorg Klebingat had to say.  Elder Holland was solid as well, as usual.  It’s a bummer that the Sunday afternoon session isn’t available to download quite yet because we missed that one.  I’m sure it was great!  But wow, what a great weekend!  Kim and Julian (two investigators) came to conference and loved it.

Tomorrow we have interviews with President and I’m very excited!  They’re my favorite!

Trying to get a hang of Terrassa and I’m still not very confident with the area.  I hardly know the ward.  It’ll be an interesting transition when all of a sudden I am the one who knows the area.  Yikes!

We met a kid named Adrian this week.  He has a fecha for the 25th to get baptized.  We’re excited about it.  He reminds me a lot of Kevin.  I hope that it goes well but it’s still a new development.  We have a lot of new developments.  Gotta start getting those ironed out.

Well, I hope you all learned great things from Conference.  Share those great things!  Be good, be happy!  Love you all!  (Holy Cow! PICTURES!)

Hermana Durham