E-Mail on 9/29/14 – I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day

It’s been freaking cold this week!  In a completely,  I don’t mind one bit, kind of way.  It did rain a whole lot yesterday which ended in us getting soaked.  I ended up jumping in the puddle because there was no point in avoiding them.  It was definitely lucky that I was gifted an umbrella by a missionary because my companion didn’t have one so I had two!

We’ve been cleaning out our area book this week.  It’s a long, slow, not super fun process but it’s given us the opportunity to really appreciate the wonderful miracles that come along.  We’ve met a few pretty promising people with all our work and we’ve set up a pretty full week this week!  It sure beats the last week of absolutely nothing.

CONFERENCE IS THIS WEEKEND!  I’m pretty much super excited.  It would have been cooler if we could have gone to Barcelona to see it but we’ll be in Sabadell.  Which is fine too…just not as fun.  I like seeing my Barcelona pals.  But it’s going to be easier to see them because we’re so close and we go to Barcelona every Monday pretty much.

Wednesday we have Zone Focus which means I get to see Hermana Masters, Hermana Findlay and Hermana Hassett…. my favorite people in the mission.  Oh and Elder Miller is pretty great too.  It’s a zone full of mission buddies which I really love.

Sabadell has the bed bugs so the Hermanas are moving in tonight for the rest of the transfer.  Will that be hard?  Kinda.  Will it be AWESOME?!  YEEESSSSS!!!!  Hermana Masters!!!!!  We’ll try to make the most out of it… I mostly feel bad for them.  It totally sucks to live far from your area.

I still miss Castellon.  I’m slowly getting to know the area here, the people, the ward.  It’s a hard transition but it’s going okay.  I just liked where I was.  Poc a poc.  Relief society was actually really funny this week… I think it was the first time I actually caught on to all the jokes and everything.  Curse the language barrier that’s STILL causing problems!  I’m still, also, growing my testimony of Relief Society.

There is a really cute member here, Rosario, who invited us over to eat.  She blessed that the food wouldn’t make us fat.  She also prays that it won’t rain on us.  She also always prays for our food and our families.  She’s just a funny little old lady.  I love her!

This week a car honked at us and Hermana Rackham waved.  Four men shouted out the window and she said “Oh… I don’t know them…”.  The next time we had a car honk at us and men shouting, she proudly turned to me and said “Hey!  I didn’t wave this time!”  She cracks me up.  We celebrated by getting churros with love.  Adventures in Terrassa!  Those happen every day.  SHOOT!  I don’t have my cord otherwise I’d send a picture of our ghetto area.  Next time.

Well… the work goes on!  Even if it’s raining, even if it’s hard.  The Lord needs His servants.  I hope you’re all reading the Book of Mormon!  I love you all!

Hermana Durham

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