E-Mail on 9/22/14 – Sugar and Spice

That sums up my new companionship.  I’m probably with the sweetest, sugariest sister missionary of all time.  Hermana Rackham is a doll.  I’ve played the mom role this whole mission so it’s really weird that now I have a mom… but she’s so great!  She likes making food.  She loves all the people so much.  She’s funny too.  Apparently she’s related to a famous pirate.  Calico Jack Rackham.  She was companions with Hermana Findlay in Barcelona (MY Barcelona!) so we have a good time chatting about that.

My district consists of Elder Wright (District Leader), Elder Weight (Super super SUPER new), Elder Pisciotta (Italian Mafia member), and Elder Gomez (he’s from Texas).  Elder Wright is basically like Jake Durham.  It weirds me out a little bit… my district leader is my cousin.  It’s a good little group.  Today we’re going down to Barcelona for preparation day… I think.  We’re still working out the kinks.

I woke up this morning with a fever and lots of aches.  I think switching climates really killed me… I actually know it did.  So this morning I was wrapped up in a blanket and cardigan to try and break the fever before the day started.  It worked!  I feel a lot better.  Plus Elder Miller is going to hook me up with some drugs.  And I bought orange juice.  Nothing like being a sick missionary.

So Terrassa is pretty good.  There is a LOT of work to be done here.  It’s a pretty difficult area.  At every turn I kept thinking “Jeez… I miss Castellon.  I miss the members.  I miss my investigators.  I miss the people I love.”  It’s been a harder transition than I thought.  It’s going to be a hard few months but it’ll be good.  Hard work keeps you focused.  Lots of contacting… lots of trying to win over the members… lots of everything.  Poco a poco.

That’s about all… Are you reading the Book of Mormon?  You should be!  It’s important!  I love you all, be good, do good things, share the gospel!

Hermana Durham

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