E-Mail on 9/16/14 – ¿Para Donde Vas, Muchacha?

Well after a nice 3 transfers in the heat of Castellón, I am off on a new adventure, in a new place.  I am called to serve in Terrassa which is a small-ish place near Barcelona.  I’m definitely excited to start in a new place, get to know new people and keep on working hard.

The last transfer ended with a bang.  We had the dedication of the chapel.  I got to bear my testimony and I was crying before I even got up to say anything.  That’s always hard.  Then we had the baptisms of Gianella and Helen.  FINALLY!  It was probably the most hectic day of my life and I would never, ever choose to re-live it…but it happened.  Two girls are now baptized members of the church and that makes me happy!

Had to say goodbye to everyone yesterday and I missed a couple people that I wish I hadn’t but… there are only so many hours in the day.  I hope the members understand.  I love them all very much but I am only one girl.  It was hard to say goodbye… I’m not good at it.  It’s easier for me to just wave at them all and walk away.  It feels like dragging out the pain when I have to see them over and over and over.  Harder.  But it was good.  I got to see the Rojas family, love them a ton.  Said goodbye to Sorin which was hard because I just want him to be back in church already.  Sara and Janet.  Ivonne and her kids.  Marius and Carlos met us outside our piso right before it was time up and that was a fun surprise.  This morning we were accompanied to the train station by Carlos, Marius, Roxana, and Melanie.  Waiting at the train station was Rita, Priscilla, Jason, and Emilio.  It was a fun little gathering.  Marius and Carlos earn a big gold sticker for dragging my luggage all around because it’s HEAVY.  My arms are KILLING ME because I had to lug it up and down the stairs to get out to Terrassa!  My poor companion.

Speaking of, her name is Hermana Rackham.  She has one transfer left but she’s like me and doesn’t like to talk about it.  She was companions with Hermana Findlay in Barcelona so we have a lot to talk about.  I can already tell we’re gonna get along just great. She’s a doll.

Also, I’m back in the Barcelona zone and in Catalunya.  Way to end it where it started.  I also am in the same zone as Hermana Masters.  STOKED!  I love that kid.  And Elder Miller.  Stoked!  Love that kid too!

I have big goals for this area.  I’m changing a lot because I learned a lot about how I can improve in Castellón.  I’m going to work hard.  I have a personal goal of (at least) 6 baptisms here to make it a nice 3, 4, 5, 6 pattern.  Mostly though, I want to help people find hope.  Hope is needed.

Love you all, do work!

Hermana Durham

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