E-Mail on 9/8/14 – Outta the Loop

Zone Conference was last week and it was quite nice.  We focused a lot on getting people to come to church because, well, church is important.  Duh.  It was nice to see Hermana and President Pace, as usual.  They’re pretty great.  At Zone Conference we found out that we DIDN’T have Zone Focus on Thursday and that it would be the following week… way to let us in on THAT one…

Today I’m actually emailing from Catarroja because we’re having a zone activity down here.  I think volleyball and water balloons are involved.  We almost didn’t get invited to this thing either.  Castellon is just too far from real life I guess.

It’s been wicked hot out here.  Everyone says it’s weird because it should be cooling down by now… and it’s definitely not.

This week Gianella and Helen are getting baptized!  The Uncle from L.A. is in fact here in Castellon!  Now… I haven’t seen him with my own eyes but that’s the word on the street.  Whooooop!  Baptisms are the best!

Also, this Sunday is the dedication of the new church so it will be a lovely little event.  I think it makes it better that it’s the last Sunday of the transfer so that if any of us leave, we at least get a party.  And I was volunteered to make cookies.  Surprise there, right?

We are going to be doing lots of finding this week… we have practically no one to work with.  But that’s okay!  It’s part of the work.  You can’t just have perfect weeks all the time… you have to work hard before you can harvest.  So yeah.  This week we’re going to focus and work real hard!

Sorry that this email is lame.  There just wasn’t a whole lot to say about the last week… But because this week will be so awesome, I’m sure I’ll have more to say next Tuesday.  Keep on working hard, doing what you gotta.  I love you all!

Hermana Durham

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