E-Mail on 8/25/14 – What’s up, Lollipops!



That’s our new way of saludar-ing the Elders.  We’re really good friends with them, obviously.  We say really kind things to each other.  (Another name for lollipops being suckers, see?  Clever).

So, the surprise baptism went smashingly.  Marius’ mother came and seemed to really enjoy it.  It also would seem that she has a baptismal fecha set herself.  Let’s hope that goes well!  Marius is getting incorporated into the JAS group even though he basically refuses to speak Spanish with them.  We have a decent amount of them that speak, or at least understand, English.  It’s cute that they try.  He’s a shy person, but super funny so they’ll appreciate him.  He’s changed a whole lot and it’s great to have a friend in him.

Juan Carlos also got baptized this last Saturday.  He was about the cutest thing in the whole wide world.  His testimony was great too!  I’m so proud of him!  He is also making big changes.  He asked Carlos to baptize him which is super sweet because this is the first baptism Carlos has performed.  Carlos spent all week reading scriptures and praying and fixing problems so that he was completely clean and worthy to perform this sacred priesthood ordinance.  I’m so proud of Carlos.  It was really cute that he cared so much.  He understands and cherishes the priesthood.

We had 18 lessons with a member present this week.  That’s a ton.  We were really blessed.  A lot of the JAS have been helping us out a lot lately which we really appreciate.  They’re pretty stinkin’ great.  We went with them to a place somewhere for preparation day today.  It’s Melanie’s birthday.  Double reason to go.

I ran out of time, sorry.  It was a great week.  We saw lots of great miracles!  For example, we need to send numbers in a 9 o’clock on Sunday night.  By 8:30 we only had 2 new investigators for the week.  In 30 minutes we found 4 news.  Incredible!  So we “hit 4 pautas” this week which is awesome.  We were only one number away from hitting all five!  DARN!  But that just means we’ll push ourselves harder next time.

I love you all!  Have a great week, do good things, smile lots!  MUAH!

Hermana Durham

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