Lesson of the Week: El PLan de Salvacion

Well… it’s been a really interesting week.  We’ve done good work and good things are happening.  The work is moving really well here.  Hermana Barker and I have great unity, we’re a strong companionship that gets work DONE.  We had a wonderful specialized training on Thursday to help us improve even more.  So of course that means something would come up.  And it did.

On Thursday I found out about Allan.  Do you remember Karla, Jacqui and Allan, the cute recent convert family in Vic?  Allan got in a bad accident and passed away 5 days later.  He was 19.  That’s young.  I read the little note that Hermana Tyler and Hermana Wallace had sent me in the metro on the way home from specialized training and was shocked.  Stunned.  I couldn’t move.  I ended up bursting into tears on the way to English class later that night in front of Marius and Carlos.  You know how much I love public crying… And today I found out Grandma Briggs passed away yesterday.  Woof.  Lots to take in this week.  The plan of salvation is a really wonderful thing and now I suppose I can add more of a testimony to it because it hits even closer.

On a lighter note, we had a big surprise.  After a lovely morning of walking 3 investigators to church and some great lessons, we were settling in to our seats for sacrament meeting.  I was sitting next to Marius and Hermana Barker was behind us next to Juan Carlos.  The second counselor is announcing the usual for the day: choir, institute, temple prep.  The normal.  Then “Tomorrow at 8 o´clock we have the baptism of Marius…”.  My head snapped so fast!!!  WHAT?!?!  Without even reacting one bit he shrugs and says “yep”.  It’s always fun when you find out your investigator wants to get baptized 2 weeks sooner than we were all planning.  So… we had to call up Elder Alder, our district leader, to see if he could make some last minute arranges to get to Castellón or for us to go to Valencia.  He’s a sweetheart and he said “Yeah… we’ll be there in like an hour and a half.”  CHAMP!  So.  We have a baptism tonight.  Which means we have to split our preparation day a little.

Saturday we had a great ward activity.  Sports and Paella!  Super weird combo…but it worked.  We had a great turn out!  At the peak we had about 120 there and there was a good group of less actives, recent converts, and investigators there.  Super wonderful!  Hopefully this helps us all with our unity.

This Saturday we’re planning on baptizing Juan Carlos, the man with the cutest prayers I’ve ever heard.  He’s working on this date and we’re excited for him!  He was congratulated by a bunch of people in the ward (because they also announced his…but that one was planned).  We’re really excited about it!

Thursday we had English class.  One of our new investigators came and brought his brother and his friend.  That was shocking… no one comes all the way out to the church!  It’s far!  After the class the brother and friend started asking us all about the church and had great interest in coming.  We’ll see where that goes.  But it was great!  Miracles are just everywhere, truly!

So it was an interesting week and it will continue to be interesting.  Hermana Barker and I have some really high goals this week and we’re going to try our best to hit them.  We can, I think.  We work really well together.  I’m just hoping to keep it all together!  Isn’t that just the struggle of life though?

Smile, be happy, the gospel is a wonderful blessing, and families can be together forever!

Hermana Durham

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