E-Mail from 8/11/14 – The Fuertes of Castellon

Hermana Barker and I are doing good work here.  I’m not going to lie, it’s really nice to be companions with her because we work very similarly.  We’re very similar people actually.  Both sarcastic, both strong, both sassy, both hilarious, and we have the same time in the mission.  This definitely allows us to conquer the area.  We joked about how each companionship normally has a strong companion and a soft companion… but with us it’s not like that.  We’re the strong companions and the Elders are the soft companions.

Juan Carlos is preparing to be baptized on the 23rd of this month. He’s trying to quit smoking right now (went from 5 to 2 cigarettes in one day) but he’s very excited.  He told a bunch of people in church yesterday that he was getting baptized.  He says the cutest prayers I’ve ever heard because they’re so genuine and simple.  I just love him!  He’s had a hard life but he’s wanting to change.  What a great guy!

Gianella and Helen.  Still no uncle.  In fact, they’ve been on the noticias so long that they aren’t on them anymore… awkward.  But it’s okay.  The girls don’t need the prayers.  The uncle does.

Luz had a small meltdown over this whole calling thing.  She’s having difficulties because her family isn’t so supportive of her.  She’s trying to make a ton of changes with her family but it’s not going well.  So we’re on rescue mode… we’ve tried to help calm Luz down but even still she seems a little frazzled.  Callings are big and scary.  Especially when you’ve been a member for a month.  I get it!  My callings stressed me out sometimes and I have been a member my whole life and my family too!  Poor dear.  I love her.

Marius is one of the Elder’s investigators who asked if he could be ours.  That’s always awkward.  He’s a sweetheart though.  We really love spending time with him.  He always looks really sad and it hurts my heart to see that.  He’s from Romania (he’s been teaching me romanian… little by little), he’s 23 and he’s also trying to quit smoking.  Only smoked 1 yesterday!  WOO!  He’s a really special person.  There’s a light in him and I know he’ll come around.  He’ll find the happiness that the gospel can bring.

As emotionally draining as this place can be sometimes, I really just love Castellón.  There are good people here!  I love them all! We have a great ward with great members who help us out (such as Carlos, my big brother) and it’s definitely noticed in how well the work is moving along.  I am so grateful!  The work can only move as far as the members are willing to help push it.

It´s hot, we’re not sleeping well, and it’s just really hot…but we’re happy.  Hold on let me ask my companion.  She said yeah.  We’re happy!  The work is a great thing, isn’t it?  This week we have a giant ward activity with paella and sports (sounds like a bad combination to me… but hey… it’ll be fun) so we’re greatly looking forward to that.  Also, we have specialized training!  That’ll be nice too.  I enjoy seeing President and learning how I can improve to help the people here.

Do good things, be good people, smile, laugh, serve!

Hermana Durham

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