E-Mail on 7/28/14 – Still Touching Heaven

BASICALLY, IT’S BEEN A SUPER GREAT AND WONDERFUL WEEK!  We had a 10 day streak of finding news and at the end of the last 14 days we have 14 new investigators.  There are a lot of really promising people and I’m quite ecstatic about the prospects here!  Some of the news aren’t as promising but at least we’re planting seeds here.

Alex is one of our promising news.  He doesn’t have a strong belief in God but he came to church!  He’s 21 and he’s shown up to everything we’ve invited him to.  He’s a genuine gentleman, showing concern for us (by renting a bike so we could get home in time… we can’t use bikes… generous thought) and for the other members.  Great kid!  Except for the part where he called me “mala leche”.  Then another member called me that too… shoot.  I have some attitude adjusting to do I guess.

It’s still really hot.  And apparently so are we because we are getting stopped in the streets more and more often.  HA!  It’s fun to tell them we’re missionaries and so… yeah… that’s all we’re here to do.  Sorry boys, gotta get baptized first.  Well… actually gotta listen to the lessons first.  Then baptism.

We had interviews on Wednesday where I asked President Pace how I could stay focused for the last stretch of my mission.  We came to this conclusion:  All ya’ll need to stop reminding me!  I told him that it was hard for me to get myself focused in the beginning of my mission, so I don’t want to lose focus at the end too.  That’s not fair to the Lord.  So… here is the last I’m saying about my time here.  Final Interviews: January 19th.  Dinner and Testimony Meeting: January 20th.  Free to Be Picked Up: January 21st.  Got it?  You know my areas, you know where I will want to visit and whatever… just work it out without me now.  Email the Paces.  I officially resign from any home talk and I will NOT respond to it!  Ahh… that feels so much better, doesn’t it?

Thursday we went to Barcelona.  What?!  Yeah.  I needed to renew my DNI and Hermana Masters needed to get hers so now we are more official and what not.  I still need to go back but for now I’m in the system.  It’s always good to be legal.

Life is good.  This last week was so full of miracles.  We had 13 lessons with a member present (totally helps to have really wonderful members!) and we had 6 investigators in church, and we found 6 new people this last week.  We are very happy.  Prayers have been answered and the work is moving forward like a steam engine!  It’s actually faster than that.  The Lord has better technology.

Being a missionary is about the best thing ever.  I feel so unbelievably blessed and I really just don’t think I deserve all these miracles, but I’m not complaining!

I’m attaching a picture of Emilio, an investigator of the Elders.  He invited us over to eat the other day and he made tons of really great food.  Then he showed us his peanut bocadillo.  It was a joke and everything but I decided to take a picture.  He’s so cute.  He’s the investigator I chased around in the sacrament room to sit closer.  We’re friends.  He thinks I’m mala leche too.  And then another lizard picture, because well… why not?  And here are the Elders filling up our water jugs because they broke them.  Punishment.

Have a great week!  I love you all!

Hermana Mala Leche Durham



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