E-Mail on 7/21/14 – From the Depths of Hell to the Heights of Heaven

We had a nice chat, Hermana Masters and I, where we discussed the ups and downs of missionary work and how you feel all sorts of emotions in the spectrum that makes up the human capacity to feel. It can basically be summed up as:

“We experience the lowest part of hell and the highest points of heaven.”          -Taylor Masters

So last week was a pretty low week, but this week we’re touching the sky.  It’s been a week full of miracles!  One of the problems of last week has been resolved and we’re back on track, making progress.  Another problem is slowly working itself out and so we should see great things come of that.

Plus we found a new investigator EVERY. SINGLE. DAY this week!  WOOOOOOO!  We ended with 8.  I don’t know how it happened but on Tuesday I had joked with Hermana Masters and said “Wow, we’ve found a new person every day this week”, seeing as it had been two days and we’d done that before.  So we set the goal to get one the next day and we found 2 when we were knocking doors near the church.  It was actually the FIRST door we knocked and they invited us to come back and accepted to read the Book of Mormon.  So then…naturally we had to keep up our 3 day streak.  Found a new one Thursday.  Friday.  Saturday it looked really slim up until we contacted a man in the park.  Sunday it looked even MORE slim until the member we were eating with said “I want to take you to meet my friend.  Let´s go!”.  Boom.  It was amazing!

We ate cake made with coffee.  Super sinners.  The look on Alicia’s face was priceless when her friend offered us this cake and said it had coffee in it.  Alicia blessed the food so that we wouldn’t suffer damage and looked pretty apologetic for getting us in there.  But whatever!  New investigator!  We’ll cross the Word of Wisdom lesson bridge when we get there.  Hopefully God forgives us.  We’ll have to practice turning down food.

We’re praying super hard to have the uncle of Gianella and Helen show up.  I talked with him on the phone (that was super surreal…

“Hey I’m the uncle in California, who’s this?”

“Hermana Durham”

“Oh Durham? That’s a pretty well known name in Utah.”

“Yeah… I guess so…”

“What part of Utah are you from?”

“Salt Lake.”

“Oh so like Holladay or…”

“Yeah… Holladay… How did you know?”

… Super weird… Plus I was talking to someone who was in the US).  He told me that we was trying to get here…but still had no idea when.  BAH!  These poor girls have been waiting forever.  Todavía están esperando… wah wah wah.

Super great week.  We have interviews coming up, which I love.  I’m stoked!  We have a lot of great potential baptisms in the works and we’re excited to be working hard.  To make it an interesting week we’re celebrating Christmas in July.  We pulled out the Christmas tree and everything.  I know.  Who is this Jordan and what did she do with the one who hates early Christmas celebrations?  I don’t know… I just can’t explain it.

Have a wonderful week, do wonderful things, meet wonderful people and share this wonderful gospel.  People need it!  Les quiero a monton!  Espero que tengan una buena semana!

Hermana Durham

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