E-Mail on 7/14/14 – High Expectations for a Bunch a Kids

I’m going to be Frank…. because being Hermana Durham is super hard right now.

It’s been a rough week, not going to lie.  I can’t, I’m a missionary.  I guess the good news would be that we are on a new week.  New week, new start, right?  So we can just forget the last week and get to work.  In theory.  So, sorry… this email is going to be short because I just don’t want to get into the hard stuff.

Luz got baptized!!!  Yay!  That was really quite beautiful and amazing and wonderful!  It was stressful at first but really great.  Rewind a second.  A little boy in the ward, David, got baptized earlier in the day.  I was asked to speak about baptism THAT DAY!  It’s a good thing that’s a pretty great topic to talk about though.  Right after that the father of this boy, Pablo, drove us to his office so we could print programs for the baptism because it being a Saturday afternoon, nothing was open.  Super super super thoughtful, super super super nice!  It took us longer than we would have liked but we got them done and we zipped back to the church to get Luz dressed up in the dress that Hna. Alicia so kindly fit to her that day.  Seriously it was a day full of miracles and life saving in the part of the members!

So we rushed to get Luz dressed. She stripped for us in the bathroom… probably the highlight of my mission.  Especially because when she kicked off her pants her daughter got mad and said she was going to get them dirty.  Her daughter is 19.  Practically like a mom.  We were DYING!  She’s just so funny.  Hermana Masters and I each gave the talks, seeing as Luz asked us to, then we sang (with the Elders) himno 81 Pensaste orar, which in English is……. Oh! “Did You Think to Pray”.  Then Luz got baptized which was beautiful!  She got into the font and just looked all around at the people and her family and everyone.  She was like a kid in a candy shop!  When she came out she said it was “Maravillosa!” over and over again.  We went back and Luz bore her testimony, then Alicia did.  It was a lovely service, probably the best I’ve helped put together.  The pretty church helps.  Everyone told us it was super great, very well done.  Yes!  Win!


We’re hoping the uncle of Gianella and Helen show up this week so that they can get baptized this week.  Ugh.  That’s the ONLY road block on this one!!!!  Frustrations abound, don’t they?  But it’s okay.  He’ll come, they’ll get baptized.  It’ll be okay.

Walking to and from the church has been a real adventure.  It’s amazing how much time it eats out of our schedule.  We had no lessons yesterday for example because we had to be at consejo de barrio (ward council) and then…yeah it just was fun.  It’s a long walk.  My hips are paying for it, I think.  I feel like an old lady with all my aches and pains!

I’m reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish, right?  I’m in Ether 9!  So close, so close!  I only have 2 weeks (less…) to finish but I think I can do it!

And well, that’s all folks.  The ward is slowly learning that we ain’t perfect, that we’re children… so yeah…. that’s all on that subject.  It will get better.  We just need time.  Thankfully we have so many incredible members here that help balance out the stressful ones.

I’m happy, I’m healthy, I use sunscreen (don’t worry!) and I am reading and praying and going to church.  Life is good.  Keep on sharing!  I love you all!

Hermana Durham

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