E-Mail on 6/30/14 – Castellon Tiene Talento!

Uff.  The noche de talentos was NOT a complete disaster!  I’m still in shock.  It went relatively smoothly after a few hiccups.  We had to convince the bishop that doing a printed program was not a good idea and hopefully he doesn’t hate us for not liking his idea.  Sorin, a Romanian recent convert, was our host and he did a bang up job!  We had people playing the guitar, dancing, singing, drawing, skits… it was quite fun and very cute!  Plus we had a full house!  Investigators were there too!  In fact, one of our investigators brought a cake.  No big deal.  Just bringing cakes to events… So as stressful as it was, it went well.  I sang hymns because I’m boring.  Hermana Masters drew.  The Elders threw food into each others mouths…. we’re a talented group here.

I know more things happened this week… I’m trying to come up with what…

We found a lizard at basketball.  He was cute.  His name is Elvis.  I decided I’d send a picture in this email for the first time in my whole mission. I just barely got all the pictures on the flash drive so that ought to be sent soon-ish, Mom and Dad.  Sorry.


I gave a talk in church about charity.  That was interesting.  No one said anything so… I hope the listened.  I picked the topic for a reason.

A miracle this week is that we received a reference from a member.  We walked out to where we thought we needed to be and then realized we actually were in the completely wrong side of town, wrong street and this person wasn’t even in our area.  Okay… not ideal… BUT we did have the address of a woman we contacted a few weeks earlier and she lived on the same street so we decide to stop by.  She let us in and started sharing her story.  She’s hurting a whole lot.  Her mother died in an explosion a year ago and she just cried and cried and told us she didn’t understand why.  A few days before, I had an investigator, Marius, teach me how to say “God love you” in Romanian because I feel like that’s an important statement to know in any language.  It was nice because I could tell her in her own language that God loves her and she said she knew.  She said she knew we had run into her on the street for a reason and was grateful that we came.  She wants to come to church on Sunday and said that we can come over whenever we would like.  Wow.  Who knew that a little mistake in direction could have led us to find this woman in need of comfort?  The Lord. He knew.  He worked with our weakness.  I am so very grateful for the opportunities to spread a little hope and faith.

That’s what I’ve learned a lot about on my mission.  The success isn’t necessarily a baptism.  Baptisms are good, very good.  I know that.  But really… I think we should appreciate the small successes too.  We’re here to represent Christ and all that He is.  We’re here to share hope, faith, and charity.  We’re here to lighten a world that is completely dark.  I find the biggest successes in my mission have been seeing people smile when they learn that they can see their family again, people who don’t like to read who read the book of mormon on their own, the people who say “thank you for being here for me”.  That’s success.  When we give the hopeless hope, the faithless faith, and the unloved charity… that’s what Christ wants from us.  He wants us to love His children.  We need to think with hope, speak with faith, and act with charity.

We’re going to kick it into overdrive this week because the new church is opening up and we really want people to be there.  I’m going to contact more because people need our message.  We’re going to baptize Gianella, Helen, Luz and many more people very soon so don’t you worry.  But most of all… we’re going to love.  Love the people, love the area, love the weather, love the dumb elders… love.  Yep.

SOOO, my invitation to you all is to love.  To take advantage of the promise given in Moroni 7:48.  Pray for the love if you lack it.  Do it!  I love you all, have a lovely week!

Hermana Durham

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