E-Mail on 6/24/14 – “… Quiere horchata?” *shrug* “Vale.”

Ay… traslados… You remember how I hate change?  Yeah.  Still hating it.  Learning to cope with it, but still hating it.

Hermana Masters is off to… kill it with me here in Castellón for another transfer!  I’ve never been so excited!  So one change avoided.  BUT… they’re closing one of the Elder´s areas so we’re down to 4 missionaries here.  My best friend ever, Elder Ferrer is moving to Tarragona and Elder Cox is off to Logroño.  Which means… yeah. We’re left with the “little brothers”.  Another transfer of being the mom.  Yay.  This also means that we are no longer a district and we have to travel to Valencia every week for district meeting.  Double yay.  But it’s okay because life will move on, we’ll see lots of great success here in Castellon and all will be well.

Yesterday I gutted fish and cooked them.  That´s a first.  I’m making big big strides in my cooking skills here.  It’s actually funny.  The Elders called us and said “Let’s have lunch in the church one last time.  Bring whatever you got.” and well… we had nothing actually.  We packed what little we had and went out to try and visit a couple people before heading to the church.  We ran into an investigator who I hadn’t met yet (but oh, we’ve tried) because of his crazy work schedule.  I asked where he worked and he said at a fish place.  Then he asked if we eat fish.  We said yes.  He said “Hold on!”.  We go up to his piso where he gives us a bag of whole fish and some gloves.  What a sweetheart!  So… yeah.  Then we had fish.  Still have fish actually.

The church church is opening soon!  We finally got the permission to move in and the 6th of July, we´ll be there!  WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  Prayers work, I tell you.  So in church, after they announced it, I set up two baptismal fechas for the 5th.  Boom, boom.  Baptisms.  I think we’re actually going to need to move them, awkwardly.  Also, Luz told us she wants to get baptized in the new church.  Boom!  Baptism.  This transfer will be good.  The Lord is really working miracles here and we’re very blessed to be a part of it.

This Friday we have a Noche de Talentos that is, so far, poorly organized and horribly advertised.  I have a great fear of activities like this because it typically means we’ll be more in charge than our schedules SHOULD allow for… I think I’m going to have to make a lot of cookies again.  I have faith.  Not much, but a little.  That’ll work right?  Alma 32:27.

Our picnic Preparation day went well.  I learned that Elder Ferrer has NEVER been on a picnic with a blanket on the ground, ever.  Sad.  He told me that it’s because there aren’t any places in Spain to do that really.  It’s kinda true.  We played Ninja to end off the day.  Elder Ferrer won most of the rounds.

We get loaded with a lot of food from the sweetest members.  This week we were given a bunch of stuff and some horchata.  Hermana Masters and I decided we didn’t really want to carry the horchata so she suggested we find a homeless person and give it to them.  After a short walk, we found the lucky winner.  I handed her the box and she walked up, said hello.. and well.  The email title is basically the rest.  Shining moment of the week I think.  We have too much fun sometimes.

So yeah… that’s what I have for ya.  Life is good.  It’s raining today so things are a little cooler.  I’m happy,  I’m healthy,  I’m alive.  I love being here, I love the people, loving the language (more and more it’s growing on me).  I’m planning on finishing the Book of Mormon in Spanish for my 1 year mark.  I’m in 3rd Nefi 13… 115 pages left.  Pan comido!  Piece of cake!  I love you all, share the gospel, do good things, be good people, above all… smile!

Hermana Durham

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