E-Mail on 6/16/14 – Corazones, Calor, y la Cuchenador

It’s getting hotter and hotter and hotter and hotter…  Thankfully the Lord blesses us with well timed breezes and homes that have cold water.  We’ve been real blessed.  Another tender mercy of the week… at Mercadona (the grocery store we go to) they have greek yogurt which I normally eat with granola for breakfast.  My options are to buy a big tub of natural yogurt (gross) or 6 little tubs of the kind with sugar (yes it´s not as healthy but it’s what I like…so there).  I told Hermana Masters that they should have big tubs of the good stuff and then I’d be happy.  Guess what’s new at Mercadona this week?!  Yup.  God listens to little, dumb prayers too.

Last preparation day we heart-attacked the Elders door because we’re trying to love them more.  Actually it’s my fault because I keep snapping at them so… I needed to serve them.  It was fun!  We have also been heart-attacking everyone’s door as we go to meal citas or when we have lessons fire on us.  I think we’re slowly working over the ward.  They WILL love us!  I know it!  So Hermana Masters and I have gotten very good at the whole system.  It takes 8 pieces of tape.  We live their piso, go to the floor below, tape the hearts, run up the stairs quietly and get ’em!  Carlos has pictures of us doing it which I specifically told him NOT to take!  He’ll put them on Facebook as soon as you add him. Hint hint ;).

Luz and Gustavo are doing really great.  They have a few little doubts here and there which we’re trying to clear up.  We had a great family home evening with them last night with the Bishop.  We’re hoping to get them feeling that they NEED the gospel.  We want Gustavo to want this, because Luz really wants it.  The kids are a whole other story.  It’s a slow process.

So the miracle Romanian family from last week?  Yeah.  Still super great and wonderful!  They got kicked out of where they were living and some really amazing members in the ward let them into their home.  I’m amazed by the extreme charity being shown here.  Like jaw-dropping amazed.  The sad part of the story is that they don’t live in our area anymore sooo… we’ll happily celebrate the success of the Elders at their baptism scheduled for this week.  Magdalena, the wife, thanked us for talking to her and helping her family because if it wasn’t for us she didn’t know where they’d be.  That is a reward in and of itself.  I’m grateful for the chance to have been part of helping those in need.

Hermana Masters continues to be awesome.  I love her.  We have a party everyday here.  Elder Ferrer, I’ve realized, is more mean than I originally thought.  I think it’s because I actually understand more spanish now so I know when he’s being sarcastic and rude.  It’s actually pretty amusing.  Except when it’s not.  And then I have to learn to be kinder.  He taught Hermana Masters that a fork is a cuchenador… it’s not.  He’s still one of my MAPS though so we’ll stick it out.  Elder Burnett is like a little brother.  He drives us crazy but we love him.  Elder Benton also drives us crazy because he IS crazy but he definitely livens things up.  Elder Cox is great.  He’s chill and quiet and sweet and he knows the gospel.  He’s the one Elder that we can handle.  Just kidding.  We love them all.  Somedays 😉

Today we’re having a picnic in the church.  I got chastised for not knowing how to cook so apparently Elder Ferrer is going to teach us how it’s done.  I was in charge of cookies.  Surprise.

Have a great week!  I love you!  Scriptures I studied this week: Proverbs 15:1-2, 4-5 and James 3… yeah I’m working on patience this week.

Hermana Durham

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