E-Mail on 6/9/14 – “See that penguin over there? Yeah, it’s dying of heat!” -Hma. Masters

It’s been an interesting week full of pass-bys and trying really hard to win the hearts of the members.  Roxana told me that our little announcement in Relief Society was super great and we’ll see great things from it.  We handed out notes and cookies and just thanked them for their help and reminded them that we’re here to serve them too.  I know we’ll get some good help from this.  Now to win over the bishop… he´s a little harder.

Luz was “mad” at me on Sunday because I didn’t sit by her.  I left her feeling alone.  I actually sat across from her, behind our other investigators so I really was close.  She’s honestly the cutest thing in the world.  She asked us about tithing this week because she wants to be sure she is doing everything she needs to.  She also said that she knows that “when” she is baptized she’ll have to give talks in sacrament so she pays attention for that.  WHEN!  Not IF!  WHEN!  AND she was talking about how she doesn’t understand why we have to cover our shoulders but in church on Sunday she wore a shawl to cover her shoulders.  I don’t think there is a cuter person on earth.  It’s a little slower with the rest of the family but they’ll get there.  The boys are reading the Book of Mormon, devouring it in fact.  So that’s good news.

It’s getting hotter.  Hermana Masters is ruining my visualization of living in Antarctica by being a sass!  All the penguins are dying of heat thanks to her.  I’m going to keep trying on it though.  It does help on hot days to happen upon cute little animals.  I held a kitten that we saw knocking doors.  Maybe I shouldn’t pick up stray animals but it was SOOOO CUTE!  And everyone who has a puppy… I’m dying.  That’s my biggest distracting factor so far.  Cute little animals.  And babies.  I got baby hungry for the first time in my life yesterday.  Super weird.  I know that when I start to feel really focused and in “the groove” is when I get thrown a whole bunch of other things to deal with.  Dumb.  Super dumb.  But it’s okay because I will win!  Babies aren’t that great anyway.

This coming week we have Zone Conference which I’m very excited for!  I love big meetings like this.  They usually come right when I need them (like after distractions) and help me get back on track.  Hermana Masters and I looked at the calendar and realized we only have 2 weeks left, more or less, of this transfer.  Crazy.  I have no idea how that happened.

Oh big miracle this week!  Last Sunday we were briskly walking home to be home on time and we passed by this cute little family chillin’ at the park.  The little girl had the most animated face I’ve ever seen.  Big huge eyes, huge smile…  I waved and said hello.  We walked past.  I did a double-take.  I couldn’t let that family go without a card or something.  We talked for a moment, the dad seemed more interested, the mom was NOT interested.  Monday night we get a call from a man who wants to meet with us.  Tuesday we go to the church to have this meeting.  It’s the dad!  He asks us a million questions and takes the Book of Mormon.  Saturday we met with him and his wife.  They were both pretty interested in coming to church.  They came and stayed through all of church which was great, then they went to a members house that night for a noche de hogar.  I feel pretty good about their potential.  There are a few hiccups…but we’ll see how it goes!  They’re a cute family from Romania.  Loren, Magdalena, Eva (4), and David (2).  Eva can’t really speak, she’s had lots of health problems thus far.  But she’s super cute.  I can tell that she is very spiritually in tune.  I’m excited to see where this goes!

It was a good week, it’ll be a better week!  The Elders are mad that I didn’t make them cookies.  Elder Ferrer especially because he gave me a candy (which I didn’t want, but was given by his investigator) so… I have to make cookies or something.  I feel like I get in this cookie making situation a lot.

Have a great week!  I love you all very much!  Share the gospel, help the missionaries, be missionaries and all that jazz.

Hermana Durham

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