E-Mail on 6/2/14 – Ahora es el momento de que los miembros y los misioneros se unan

Y trabajen juntos!

We have a goal this week to win over this ward.  It’s a little bit in need of some love and care.  I’m slowly trying to flatter my way through them all but that only goes so far.  Game plan?  Cookies.  They always work!  Cookies and thank you notes and extra praise (whether or not it is due).  That is how you win the hearts of the people.  I learned that from my trainer actually.  We just need to get them animated about helping with the work because, like the prophet says, now is the time.

So remember Eliseo from last week?  Funnily enough, we’ve run into his wife like 6 times this week and every time she is super sweet and we chat for a little bit.  I feel better about the whole situation.  Eliseo is a little too proud right now to accept but it’s okay.  I don’t think he hates us.  He’s just a fighter is all.  His wife is great though.

We’re going through the ward list the next couple weeks which is SUPER fun except for the part where it’s not.  BUT, no effort is wasted.  We actually have met some really great people from passing by members who no longer live where the list says they live.  We have new investigator (we’ll see her tomorrow, actually) and a really great potential who asked us about what happens after we die when we were talking at the door.  The Lord puts people in our path.  I can very clearly see that!

We had an intercambio this week too after Enfoque de Zona.  I stayed in Valencia to work with Hermana Blanco while Hermana Reid went back with my companion to work.  It was a fun intercambio, a little crazy, but I got to learn a lot.  Hermana Blanco is in her last transfer and I always like learning from the wisened missionaries about what they have seen work in their mission.  Hermana Blanco ate pizza with us my very first day in Barcelona, actually.  Crazy how you just stay in touch with everyone.

Basically that sums up everything… not a ton happened this week but we’ve got a lot set up for this week.  A lot of really great potential greatness.  We’re stoked!  We’re fired up!  We’re going to find people and teach people and spread a little more joy in the world, because, well, everyone needs a little more of that.

Les quiero!  Have a great week, do great things, be great people!

Hermana Durham

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