E-Mail on 5/19/14 – It’s always sunny in Castellon

I’m going to try really hard this week to change my mind frame and be like “pfft… it feels like Antartica here!  I’m freezing!”  and maybe I can trick myself into enjoying the warmth.  So far it’s not so bad, but every single member has told me how much worse it’s going to get.  How exciting!

So I’m companions with Hermana Masters who was visa waiting in the Salt Lake City East mission for awhile and then she finally made it here!  So she’s been on her mission for 6 months but just got out of the training part here… kinda interesting, I know.  She’s hilarious.  Our biggest difficulty together will be trying to stay on task during planning because we get chatting.  A lot.  We’ll overcome it I’m sure.  We’ve decided that since we will be best friends after the mission, it’ll be okay to not chat as much during the rest of the day and all.

My district leader is Elder Ferrer who just so happens to be my best friend from back in Barcelona.  We were in the same district my first transfer, then in the same zone the next two.  Yet another example of Heavenly Father being kind to me with the whole “change” thing.  New area, new companion, new stake, familiar faces.

The ward is pretty great.  I haven’t met everyone, of course, but there are some pretty awesome people here who are very involved in the work.  They’re in the process of moving churches but we’re waiting on some papers.  Curse these papers!  Anyway… they have this super beautiful church.  Like a church church church.  Not just a bajos or a room somewhere in some building.  No! Like our churches back home.  It’s beautiful!  It also happens to be a 45 minute walk away… Hurdles.  We’ll have some hurdles with that.  BUT the Lord’s work cannot be stopped!  There will be a way around it!  I have faith in that!

I wish I had more to say but unfortunately I just don’t know much about this place right now.  I have a bug bite that I just got.  I need to buy sunscreen.  I have this eternal cough going on…so I could easily die.  I dunno… I’m trying to figure out how to be a senior companion and all which is stressful.  We have this awkward “You’re the senior companion, what do we do?”  “You’re the one who knows the people and the places, what do we do?” thing going on so that’s fun.  We laugh a lot about it though.  In a couple weeks, we’ll get into the groove of things and see miracles.  There are some very prepared people here who just need a little push!  That’s what I’m here to do.  Push people out of their comfort zone.  I love doing that.  I love sitting in silence and waiting for people to pray.  It’s the best feeling because they’re so uncomfortable and you know that they HAVE TO PRAY, so you just deal with the awkward until they pray and then you ALL feel better.  Stoked for that.

Oh yeah we set a fecha with someone who’s super prepared.  Her name is Luz.  We’re going to try to set a fecha with the rest of the family tomorrow afternoon.  A big beautiful, Colombian family of 5!  That would make a lovely baptism, don’t you think?  I’m praying for it.  They’ve progressed a lot apparently so it’s a matter of time now.

Well, I love you all!  Keep reading, praying, going to church.  Stay happy, count your blessings, look for miracles!  Wash your ears, eat your vegetables, smile lots!  Share the gospel!

Hermana Durham

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