E-Mail on 5/13/14 – Transfers!

So today is transfers and I’m off to Castellon which is in the Valencia Zone.  It’s hot down there.  It’s almost summer too.  I could very well die.

I don’t have time to write too much today because we’re off to Barcelona in 20 minutes and then the train to my new area is 5 hours so that will take up all my Preparation Day time.  But that’s okay!  Not a whole lot happened this week…just lots of goodbyes, lots of tears, lots of laughs.  I’m very very grateful for the time I had to serve here in Vic.  It’s a really great place with even greater people.  A big chunk of my heart is going to stay here.

I’m off to be a Senior companion now… that poor girl.  Hermana Masters.  I hope she’s prepared.  I know I’m not.  Everything fit in my bags for the most part but they’re heavy as heck!

I love you all!  Be good!  Thanks for your love!

Hermana Durham

10298879_764114113620232_2457153079072462186_n 10250211_764114436953533_2950610962879310258_n 1625591_764113723620271_5995162600130855398_n 1508986_764113800286930_2058425343001732187_n 960265_764113756953601_5724668869828470349_n 10366304_764113503620293_2970580379632837294_n 10364041_764113663620277_4840282756653980019_n 10363574_764114496953527_5632058983780781700_n 10341997_764114200286890_6315906688584131697_n 10330409_764114246953552_3249556106711501197_n 10301046_764114136953563_7199502245847764162_n 10336781_764114270286883_208350212434816465_n 10341486_764114336953543_8402130257508768823_n 10336707_764113516953625_18991224004148735_n 10330432_764113696953607_2809138043969547016_n

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