E-Mail from 5/5/14 – Walking in the shadows

Because it’s so freaking hot outside!  Actually… it is and it isn’t.  That’s what makes it hard.  It’ll be cold in the morning, hot all afternoon, then cold right at the end of the night.  So we’re walking around like vampires basically, trying our best not to melt away.  It’s hard to ask people to listen to our message when we’re all sweaty and squinty-eyed.

In Spain it was Mother’s Day yesterday.  We had nice lessons about covenants and marriage.  The women got treats as mothers and future mothers.  It was a nice day for the most part.  I mean, everything and everyone decided they didn’t want to meet with us basically, but hey.  You can’t win them all, right?

Friday we had a little miracle.  A couple weeks ago we got contacted by a man in the train station because he recognized our chapas.  We sat together on the train on our way to Ripoll, he offered us some of his lunch, he gave us his number and told us if we ever needed anything we could stop by his house (which he pointed out).  Friday we were in Ripoll to eat with President and Hermana Merchan and we decided to swing by the house right before we left.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone so excited in my life!  He graciously welcomed us into his home and said he was so grateful we stopped by.  We talked for awhile with his cute little family and got to know them a little better.  We asked when we could come by again and they said they could come to church the 11th if that was alright.  What the heck?  Of course that’s alright!  We hadn’t even invited them to church, they just offered to go!  Wow.  So we’re praying really hard for that to work out.  Super cute family.

Thursday we had a branch activity that was a dessert competition.  We had other little games and activities involving lots of sugar and sweets.  I think I’m still recovering from the overload.  I have lots of videos.  My cheesecake won best overall for the desserts but the prizes were for the members so I actually didn’t really win… bragging right, I guess?  I’m okay with that.

It’s slow work still… lots of working with the recent converts.  Lots of headache with them actually.  Just one.  David.  Yeah.  I don’t have time to get into details but we’re just praying really hard that he doesn’t go off and start his own church.  I keep suggesting a lightening bolt come and strike him down… but that´s just me.

It was a pretty good week, next Sunday is Mother’s Day!  WOO!  This Saturday is transfer calls and I’m getting all worked up about it.  I’ve started to try and pack up a few things because I’m pretty sure I’m gone.  Still unsure though.  Crazier things have happened!

Have a wonderful week, I love you all lots and lots.  Don’t forget to share the gospel this week!

Hermana Durham

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