E-Mail from 4/21/14 – A week of celebration

FIRST, I have to start off and say a piece of drama that I completely forgot about from last week!  So…um… Rami is pregnant.  They found that out shortly after her interview and we found out shortly before bedtime.  Just a little sidenote… so David can’t serve a mission anymore but he took it pretty well.  They’re preparing to get married and it’s pretty cute.


After the drama week, we had dinner with the majority of the people involved with said drama.  We shared verses from 1 John 4.  I love the verses in here.  It’s all about love and why we just need to love and be charitable and care about the people around us.  The Spirit really guided that lesson, I must say.  They all listened well, they didn’t have any snarky comments, I practically confessed my love for them all.  It was a pretty ideal lesson as far as how to call people to repentance in a loving way.  I told them I loved them too much and our branch was too small to be having these problems and that I didn’t like seeing the pain involved in all of this.


People apologized.  People are more civil and kind.  No more gossip.  No more back biting.


I love when you can see immediate effects of lessons.  Changes.  People change when the Spirit works with them.  It’s an incredible thing and I feel very blessed to be a front row participant in it all.  I think that’s what makes the whole mission worth it.  You have the hard moments that aren’t fun, but then people start changing.  People smile more, people read the Book of Mormon, people get involved in the church by coming to activities, people move out, people quit habits.  It’s amazing!  Super amazing.


We’ve met a handful of people this week who have hard stories.  There are lots of those in the world.  Broken stories, broken people.  It’s pretty sad.  I almost cried talking to this man from Poland while he was explaining why he doesn’t really believe in God.  It’s a hard life without this light.  That’s why we have to spread it!


Friday we had a “Platos Tipicos” activity.  I made Mac-n-Cheese, H. Hamson made brownies, Elder Sadler made an attempt at the Spanish Tortilla because his mother is from Spain, and Elder Miller made some Bread and Butter pudding thing, some apple crumble thing and some meatballs from Denmark to really represent his British and Danish decent.  The Danish are from Denmark, right?  That was right, right?  That’s awkward.  Can’t remember things.  Our little branch has surprisingly wide variety.  Ghana, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, El Salvador, and of course Spain/Catalunya were all represented pretty well and the food was DELICIOUS.  The last time I was part of this type of activity I didn’t actually get to eat anything so it was nice to be able to this time.  It was a nice activity with a decent turn out.  The branch needs a new home though because WOW!  We had no space for this.  Crazy.


So, the Spaniards like to close everything down for holidays.  Friday was holy so nothing was open and almost no one was home.  Today is Easter Monday so everything is closed unless it’s owned by people with non-christian backgrounds or is something commercial like movie theatres or the like.  We’re going bowling today, for example.  We can’t buy food.  Bowling is a decent substitute for lack of food though.

Yeah…well… That was my week.  Easter was great.  I loved teaching with the eggs in Spanish.  I loved the treats and everything (and so did the branch).  I’m sitting here thinking of Aunt Leslie because there is a little moth buddy watching me type.  Cute little moth buddy.  It was a pretty uneventful week, comparatively, and for that I’m grateful.  We had an intercambio with Hermana Tuttle so THAT was crazy to work with her again.  It was really fun to catch up and just enjoy a little piece of the “used to be”.  It’s weird how natural it was to be teaching with her again!  I guess that’s what happens when you’re with someone 24/7, right?  So it was a nice week, lots of rain, and we’re excited to be off and running this week!  We have some people to find and share the gospel with and I hope you do too!  Have a great week!


Les quiero, hasta lunes!

Hermana, only 8 months in still, Durham 

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