E-Mail from 4/7/14 – Mini miracles and answered prayers

Okay so I´m going to start this email with a story of what happened last preparation day because it was probably the scariest moment of my mission thus far. Mom, remain calm during this story and realize that all is well, I am alive, we are protected, no worries! Okay? Okay….soooo…


Last week we went to the art museum towards the end of the day. It´s in the center of town where all the little streets are. After the museum we said farewell to the Elders and we headed towards our house for a moment because we had about an hour left. Hermana Hamson and I were just walking and talking when I felt the presence of someone. That´s not super weird or anything, the streets are small and people are out and about on nice days. I looked back and there was a man in a red jacket behind us. He winked. I turned back and said “No worries…we´re just being stalked” because this man had been at the corner when we had split off from the Elders. The man walked past, headed one direction, and we didn´t think anything of it. We kept heading towards home, turning onto our street, still talking and all. Then a man in a red jacket walks past us. I gasped and said “It´s that man!”. There was a moment where we were deciding if it was or not based on other factors but then he turned his head slightly and Hermana Hamson gasped “Yep, that´s him. Same cheekbones.” We slowed down until we were a decent distance away and discussed how we could quickly duck into our piso when we pass it. The man stops right in front of the store next to our piso and waits for us to catch up. We decide to head to the pharmacy so we cross the street. The man is walking at the same pace as we are on the other side of the road. We head into the pharmacy where I look at medicines while Hermana Hamson weighs herself. The man in the red jacket is standing outside the door pretending to read the sign. I call the Elders. They don´t answer. I call again…. the man sees me and heads back across the street. He stands there making phone gestures at me because he knows I´m calling someone to help. He disappears. We walk to the corner of the pharmacy where we can´t be seen, but we can´t see out either. The Elders finally call back and we explain the situation. We decided that they didn´t need to come save us, but they stay on the phone and we inch our way out of the pharmacy. There´s a man in a red jacket, slightly hidden on the corner of the street a ways down. We walk very closely to the wall in the opposite direction, heading towards the church. Just then…. a policewoman comes around the corner. Hermana Hamson stops her and tells her what is going on and she stands watch as we get away. Immediately the feeling of dread is lifted and we are good to go. The Spirit really does let you know when you´re in danger. And the Lord sends back up. This definitely made me realize just how important it is to pay attention to the promptings you get because if we hadn´t noticed the man pass us, we would have headed right into our piso where he would have been right there and who KNOWS how that could have ended. Then the policewoman…that was a blessing too! So yes. We´re safe. Don´t worry!


David has claimed that he is sick because he is living the law of chastity. I don´t think I´ve laughed so hard in my life. It´s moments like this that make me remember that he is 19 years old… Boys. Such drama queens! But no… David and Rami are progressing really well. Tonight we have to see if they are on board with the whole living prophet thing because they´re not quite sure about it. They both came to conference on Sunday (which was the Saturday Afternoon session).


We, the missionaries of Vic, prayed that during that session there would be a good talk about keeping the Sabbath Day holy because many members of the branch are in a little fútbol team that has games on Sunday afternoons. We´ve tried to get it across to them that that´s not the BEST use of their Sabbath day time but they wouldn´t budge. They´re setting a pretty rough standard for these new converts and almost converts is all… Elder Nelson´s talk was a SLAM DUNK! Pun aside, we were pretty much cheering while listening to it, knowing full well that our little peeps were getting chastised down below. Don´t tie yourself to a ball. WIN! Prayers work.


Another little miracle that came after a prayer, Antenor. He was supposed to go to conference with the Elders for the priesthood session. The Elders called us Sunday morning and said that he never made it to the station so we called him. His phone was off. That´s always a moment of devastation… and panic…. We called the Elders and asked them to pray for him and we stopped our personal study and prayed for him too. We just wanted him to be able to see conference and to get in touch with him. We called about every 10 minutes with no luck right up until we left. We get a llamada perdida from him during the session at 2. He had been jumped by the same people that had beat him up the last time on his way home from conference the day before. He was scared to leave the house and his phone was dead so he couldn´t contact us. I almost burst into tears. He sounded awful on the phone but told us he felt much better now that he was talking to us. We told him we´d work out a way for him to see the session live. Hermana Shirley graciously opened her home to him so that he could see it and so we orchestrated that from Barcelona and just prayed he would get there in Vic. He did and he loved it. We have a lesson tonight with him and I just wish I could give him a hug. He needs it more than anything. My heart just breaks for him… but he is doing well. Our prayers were answered, yet again!


The week was full of little miracles, running into people on the street, people getting help in unexpected ways, getting to see my whole Barcelona family again… it was a very happy week, even though we didn´t do so well with our numbers. This week our focus is EXACT obedience because we need miracles this week too. We have to get David and Rami baptized Thursday night and then Antenor on Saturday night in Granollers…. that´s a lot of effort and we need all the help we can get from the Lord.


I am happy, I love the mission. I never want to leave! I am beyond excited to get to work this transfer because I know we can make it a good one. Keep up the work at home, do good things, love people, smile a lot, be happy! Les quiero!


Hermana Durham

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