E-Mail from 4/1/14 – Me voy a . . . .

Quedarme!  I have at least six more weeks to really work over the hoppin’ pueblo of Vic. I’m pretty excited about it actually!  There are just too many untied strings that I would have been very sad to have left unresolved.  I’m hoping to be here to see David, Rami and Antenor get baptized.  Of course Eber is still in that list but he needs a little more time to get his priorites straight.

Big news!  Rami “lost” her job so she can in fact go to church.  It’s sad news but good news in the end.  She can’t see that yet but we all know she’ll be blessed for keeping the commandments.  Bigger news!  Rami is going sans coffee this week (and hopefully forever after) to get herself in line with the Word of Wisdom.  And Biggest news!  David is moving into his aunt’s house TODAY so that they are keeping the law of chastity.  WOW!  I’m just in awe of how awesome these people are.  They know what they want and they are actually willing to work on it.  It’s refreshing compared to people who say they want to be baptized but aren’t willing to commit in reality.

Shirley, an investigator of the Elder’s, got baptized on Friday.  She basically counts as one of our baptisms because she’s practically the love of my life.  We would go over and read with her when the Elders couldn’t visit because they didn’t have another man.  She also would confide in us and call us first when she had problems instead of the Elders.  She’s practically my investigator.  We’ve worked out that she can fit in my suitcase and everything by the way so she might be coming home with me.  I adore her!  It was so beautiful to see her be baptized!  She’s also dating our Ward Mission Leader now… so… you know.  That helped too I guess.

I really feel like there is more to be written but I’m drawing blanks here.  Well today we got to go inside the Roman Temple which is closed on Mondays.  And also we went to the markets.  And we’re going to the Medievel Art museum after this that is ALSO closed on Mondays.  We’re taking advantage of the Tuesday preparation day to the fullest!  WOO!

Otherwise, the work keeps on moving along.  I can’t believe it’s April. I’m so excited for General Conference for multiple reasons (I get to see my Barcelona buddies again, I get to hear from the prophet, it’s fun to talk about with investigators, etc.)!  I just feel happy and excited a lot of the time which is nice.  I really enjoy teaching the Plan of Salvation.  It’s a beautiful and hopeful message we have.  So we ought to share it!

My invitation to all of you is to find someone to share this message with!  Ready…..?  GO!  Have a lovely week, smile, remember God loves you and He also loves all the people that drive you crazy.  So, learn to love them too!  (That´s my goal this week…) 

Hermana Durham

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