E-Mail 3/24/14 – Another one bites the dust!

So it’s been another week.  And another month.  I feel like the time is going by drastically faster the further along I get, I don’t think that’s fair at all!  I’ve decided that from here on out, I only have 8 months in the mission.  I don’t want anyone else to know that I actually have more (when I actually have more) because I don’t want to have to talk about home.  I want to stay focused.  I’ve seen what it does to a couple of my companions and I don’t want that at all.  I am here to serve for a year and a half and though I’m not perfect at it, I committed this time.  I owe it to the Lord to be in it until the end.

Eber.  Eber promised us he would come to his baptismal interview on Thursday and then he would decide from there if he would in fact get baptized.  We actually saw Eber an hour and a half before his interview.  He pinky promised and EVERYTHING!  Guess who didn’t show up?  Eber.  Good guess, everyone.  Well done.  We went over with brownies on Friday, the day he was SUPPOSED to get baptized.  We ended up accompanying them to the clinic because Diana’s eyes are so much worse.  Then we walked her back home while Eber went to go get medicine.  We had a calm, keep the peace, lesson-y thing because we wanted Eber to know that we still loved him in spite of his wrong decisions.  Yesterday he told us he wants to be baptized but he wants to pick a day.  He doesn’t want to put a time on it.  I might could strangle the man….but that’s not Christ-like so I won’t.

David and Rami.  WOAH.  Okay so highlights from them are the fact that they’re incredible!  Both of them are very prepared and very sensitive to the spirit.  They always have stories of how they can see that Satan is working to get them away from the path so they KNOW that they’re in the right church.  They aren’t married though and they live together.  We had a TWO AND A HALF HOUR lesson on the Law of Chastity.  Woof.  They were super upset about the fact that they had to move out.  The thing that gives me hope is HOW they were upset.  I know that they’ll live it soon.  They just have to work things out.  They want to obey the commandments.  They STILL want to be baptized and be part of the church.  We poured out two bottles of whiskey on Saturday with David.  That was fun!  YEAH!  Word of Wisdom!  They’re really incredible.  Rami got a job working Sundays though.  She cried yesterday when we talked about the Sabbath and how she won’t be able to be baptized because she can’t come to church.  She feels super guilty but she can’t see that if she quits this job she’ll get a better one or something BETTER will happen.  We’re working on that tonight!  They’re incredible people.  I love them more than I can express!

We met a man from England and we went out for coffee today.  He got coffee, we got hot chocolate.  He said he was open to listen to us and our message but that we shouldn’t get offended if he tells us that he won’t come to church or join in our beliefs.  He prayed for the first time in 23 years with us.  We gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon which he said he never had asked his friends for.  He has friends from Utah.  He’s actually a Ute fan so we have that in common.  He’s really cool!  We hope to keep in contact with him because, though he may not progress the same, he did promise to read the Book of Mormon and that book changes people in miraculous ways.

Antenor is a man from Bolivia (we’ve been suddenly finding a lot of those people recently… which is good… gotta help out my best friend’s people) who has had a really hard life.  He told us that he tried to commit suicide when his girlfriend left him.  He drank 5 huge bottles of alcohol with rat poison.  His friend found him and was able to get him to the hospital where he was in a coma for 20 days.  He knows that he’s been given a second chance to find the right way.  He’s going to get baptized the 12th of April.  He’s probably the sweetest guy.  He’s also very prepared and ready to hear this gospel.  I just love him!

Kevin is still really wonderful.  He blessed the sacrament yesterday and I could have cried.  Just seeing him in his suit, using the priesthood.  It was just as wonderful as seeing him get baptized.  He’s super funny and he’s really doing well.  I just love him too!  He is a strong member and for that I am really grateful.  I just hope we can help his family get here too.

I love the people in Vic.  Transfer calls are this Saturday and it makes me a little bit, lotta bit emotional to think of leaving.  I love these people a lot.  I feel closer to them than I felt to those in Barcelona (I think that’s just a language barrier thing though) and I can’t imagine having to leave.  We’ll see.  The Lord will send me where I am needed most and wherever that me be I will do my best.  I love being a missionary.  I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Keep on keeping on!  Remember that God made you special and He loves you very much!

Hermana Durham.

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