E-Mail on 3/17/14 – A Week of Miracles!

Yet again, I have failed to save a sufficient amount of time to write.  It seems like the weeks that I actually HAVE things to say are the weeks that I don’t have time to say it all.  Fail.  I’ll see how I can improve that.

So, for finally, I bought myself a little study journal.  I know.  Gasp.  I didn’t really have one and I wasn’t writing things as I learned them.  Worst missionary award, right here.  I have seen the errors in my ways, repented, and I have started to write down what I’m studying.  It’s helping me focus a lot more.  I’ve been struggling with a wandering mind the past few months and this helps a little.

My talk [in church] went okay…  I was super nervous.  I can try to send it in a letter but in all reality I never finished it…  I had to just wing the last part.  It went okay though! I hope people really listened.

Monday night we had a noche de hogar with President Merchan and a friend from work named Andrea.  Her husband is Nacho (cool name, right?) and they have two kids, Sophia (16) and Sara (5).  It was a really great meeting!  We had helped this family move a few weeks earlier but weren’t able to really set up anything with them.  President Merchan, at the dinner table, said “Well here are the missionaries and they’ll be in Campdevanol every Wednesday to come teach you, okay?”  That was easy.  So yes.  They’re new investigators and we hope to get them going.  Nacho is Muslim, but not practicing.  Andrea and Nacho both smoke and drink.  The family is super cute though.  I have faith!  If only it wasn’t so difficult to get to them!  (Campdevanol is a little pueblo that is about 45 minutes away and doesn’t have a lot of trains running through it…tricky tricky.)

Deysi and Leo (a member couple in our branch) have two new roommates that they brought to church, Rami and David.  We met with them Tuesday night, Thursday night they came to Noche de Amigos, and we met with them Friday and Sunday.  They agreed to work toward the baptismal date of the 29th.  They are SO prepared!  It’s quite interesting how the Lord works with people like this.  I have met Rami a couple times in the street with Hermana Findlay.  We knew who she was.  She was a “Potential Investigator” for our whole transfer.  Never got around to visiting with them, it never worked out.  But then all of a sudden, out of the blue, they’re in church.  My jaw dropped when they walked in.  And now they’re wanting to be baptized (their only doubt is wanting to be prepared but they WANT to be baptized).  It’s a huge miracle!

Eber.  Yeah well then we have Eber.  His eyes are INFECTED.  He can hardly see.  He’s suffering a ton and now his wife, Diana, has an infection in her eye too.  They’re super worried about if they’ll lose work because they can’t really work with their eyes like this, so… if you could pray for them that would be nice.  It’s hard to work toward a baptism with someone who can’t keep his eyes open during lessons.  He’s really doubting himself too.  He thinks he needs more time.  I promised him that if he committed to a date, the Lord would heal his eyes.  Then I made him kneel and pray right then to know if we could still work for the 21st.  His smile after that prayer was amazing!  His eyes felt better too…for a moment.  He said he’d do all he can to work for the 21st.  Thin ice…but again, I have faith!

Another great miracle is whenever we can answer prayers unexpectedly.  Saturday we finished talking with Eber and then I figured we should try to pass by Jesus (he’s a whole other story…for another day).  As we walk down the street I realize that Karla’s car is right there.  What’s more, Jacqui is sitting inside on her phone.  I told Hna. Hamson to call her while we stand and stare at her (creepily…like stalkers).  Jacqui looks super surprised, answers the phones, sees us, is more surprised.  Apparently she and her mother and been visiting a friend in the hospital.  The friend expressed some interest in being visited by us.  Jacqui, while sitting in the car waiting for her mom to finish another visit, decided to pray to get into contact with us, to either have us call or for her to see us, so that we could find out about this friend.  Jacqui started crying because WOW.  Her prayer was answered so very quickly and not just by a phone call but we were there too.  By both.  Instantly!  The Lord knows that the new little lambs need miracles and testimony builders.  I am so grateful for the chance I was given to answer this dear friends prayer.

I love being a missionary.  I wouldn’t want to live any other life.  I realize I will have to in a few months, but until then I am enjoying it out here.  Thank you for all the love and support and prayers.  Keep on doing all you can where you are to spread the gospel.  People are in need of this light!  It’s our job to share it!  Les quiero!

Hermana Durham

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