E-Mail on 3/10/14 – Keep On Keeping On

So this week, after much discussion by the best friends of Eber who have to work at the most ridiculous of times and aren’t willing to change schedules, it has been decided that Eber will be baptized the 21st.   Annoying in that we weren’t there when they decided it and neither was Eber.  But it’s happened, it’s done with, we must only move onward from here.  No one really has faith that he will keep this date.  That’s a little discouraging because how is Eber supposed to feel if even his friends don’t believe in him?  It’s hard enough for himself to believe in himself.

We had a branch activity, run by the missionaries this past Friday.  It was a way to teach the members how the can start opening their mouths and invite their friends.  I originally typed up some negative, whiny thing about it but I’m just going to say that it went alright.  All things considered.  I hope that we lit something within SOMEONE so that we can get this work moving.  Maybe next time people will come.  It’s a work of patience here.

We had lunch with Kevin and his family on Saturday.  They’re super cute.  Dia de las Mujeres and they thought to have us over and feed us!  What a cute little group!  I just wish they were more open to hearing the gospel.  Little by little, we’ll get them!

So we were walking to a cita and got to a crosswalk.  I felt like I should check to see if Hermana Hamson was close and it’s a good thing I did because otherwise I would have been run over by a car.  Two lessons learned here: Listen to the Spirit and be smarter about crossing roads.

Something about the culture here that I am not quite sure if I find charming or not is that they are BLATANTLY honest.  They tell you exactly what they think or feel about you.  If your eyebrows need to be plucked, they tell you. If you need to lose or gain weight, they tell you.  If they don’t like your skirt, they tell you.  I’m still on the fence about this whole thing.  It’s usually funny…sometimes hurtful…but usually funny.  Karla wants to get rid of some of my eyebrows.  I ain’t lettin’ her anywhere NEAR ME in regards to hair.  I don’t care if I look crazy!

Next week I get to speak in sacrament.  I’m contemplating a lot about at what level of intense I need to me.  How bold?  How straight forward?  How to go about this?  Obviously it’s about missionary work…duh.  So it’s just a matter of deciding what to say.  The hard part is that they don’t listen too well…especially as I’m the last speaker.  Oh and I have to speak Spanish.  Yeah let’s not forget that part.  Actually I don’t mind all that much anymore… still not comfortable or easy but do-able.

I’m feeling discouraged and it’s hard…but you have to have the hard times to really enjoy the good times!  So I’ll do my best to just learn what I can from here.  Something I always remember someone awesome (psst… my mom) telling me is “In the end, it’ll all be okay.  If it’s not okay, then it’s not the end.”  I just got to tie a knot and hang on.  Thanks for all the love and support!  Keep being awesome!

Hermana I’m Still Smiling, Don’t Worry Durham

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