E-Mail on 3/3/14 – March Madness

I’m a little bit, lotta bit surprised that it’s March already.  WOW! There are so many things coming up and it’s going to get crazy.

I’m the branch pianist basically.  I really wish I had tried harder to learn the piano.  I definitely regret not taking advantage of such a wonderful gift.  I’m sorry, mom.  It’s been rough.  The branch might fire me if I don’t get a grip and figure myself out.  I’m just not as fast at reading notes as I would like to hope.  Elder Miller and I might switch on and off.

This last week was pretty interestingly boring.  We had Zone Focus which was really awesome!  We got to learn about how to be more awesome.  Those are always such wonderfully inspiring events… and then you hop on a train for 1 1/2 hours…. and you get drained again.  BOO!  I need to figure out a way to keep that spiritual high going.

This week I’ve been studying diligence and humility in Preach My Gospel.  Characteristics of Christ that I seem to be lacking.  I don’t know how to bridge that gap between learning this stuff and knowing it with actually applying it.  I’ve seemed to always miss that step.  I know that I need to do this or that… it’s another story to actually do it, you know?  So yeah.  Basically… yeah.  That’s what I need to figure out this week.

Eber has agreed to be baptized on the 15th. He has had fechas before but they fall through because he gets scared.  We read “His Grace is Sufficient” with him because his problem is that he thinks he needs to be perfect.  The spirit was super strong.  We originally had the plan to take it easy with him but then we decided to talk about how wonderful the temple promises were and how is family is all progressing without him because he won’t open the door to this progression and how he could be such a great example for his daughter (she’s his WORLD) and all of this great stuff.  It really hit him I think.  He agreed to set the goal and we’ll be working with him on that.  He’s hard to nail down for times though… that’s what my worry is right now.  Teaching him all the lessons again in time.  But it’s okay!  I believe in miracles and he will be baptized!

Other than all that, not an eventful week.  Pretty rough actually.  I feel like there was a lot of time wasted…. I need to be more bold and say what I think and how I feel.  I can’t let myself be acted upon.  I will get there somehow.  Progression.  We’re all here to progress.

Have a lovely week, remember that you don’t have to be perfect, you just have to keep trying!  That’s the blessing of the Atonement!

Besos y abrazos, Hermana “it’s raining and I don’t have my coat” Durham

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