E-Mail on 1/27/14 – 6 months down, 12 Months to go

That was super freaky to figure out on Saturday.  I was doing personal study and looked up at my calendar, then announced “Oh.  Yesterday was my 6 month mark.  Wow.”  That really happened quick.  Plus it was already Saturday.  I’m telling you, you may not feel like the time is flying by but…man…. it’s really truly flying by.  Hermana Findlay and I are a little bit shocked that we’re already halfway through this transfer.

Hermana Findlay got sick this week so we spent all day Friday in our piso.  We watched “Legacy” which is the closest thing we have to a chick flick (it’s really cheesy…) and just talked.  I studied and highlighted scriptures in my Spanish set while she slept.  I took a nap too.  I made soup.  The Elders came in the morning and gave her a blessing and then returned later in the day with orange juice and “Aquarius” which is like their version of Gatorade.  Look, the Elders can be super great! (Except… that awkward moment when it was actually our District Leader and Elder Miller because they were on an intercambio so it wasn’t actually both the Vic Elders…).  It was an interesting day.  Hermana Findlay was super frustrated and didn’t want to be in the house but I told her she had to be because she couldn’t even stand without getting dizzy.

There were 3 baptisms this weekend.  Super awesome!  We served the Elders by making the programs and then we brought the Restoration DVD so we had something to do during the changing period.  However… all of the programs were incorrect… it helps to know how to spell the names of the investigators.  Hermana Findlay still wants them to say thanks for all our work.  I think we should just let it go and call it even… considering that all the programs were wrong.  We love the Elders.  We do, I promise.

The calendar Grandma gave me is being put to good use, by the way.  I’ve decided it’s my year of miracles.  Everyday I write at least ONE miracle or tender mercy or something.  The month of January has just been filling up and it makes me happy every day.  So I promise I have things going on… I just don’t always remember them when I sit down to write.

The language is getting better.  The last couple days everyone has been telling us that we speak really well.  This is comforting considering the couple days when anyone we contacted just looked at us like we’re dumb.  Contacting is always a fun surprise.  My favorite story of this week was when I contacted someone “Hola, somos misioneras de la Iglesia de Jesucristo” and the guy began to give us directions.  Both of us were trying really hard not to laugh (because I mean… it’s just our luck…) so we just said thanks and went our way.  People don’t get us.  Our accents are pretty “fuerte” I guess.  I’m feeling more comfortable talking though.  I can’t say everything I want to, I can’t understand everything I should… but I’m getting along.  I at least can survive here now.  Plus I carry around a mini dictionary still.  It’s come in handy many times.

We have a lot of work to do still. Every day we try to analyze what’s gone down in the day and how we can improve.  Hermana Findlay is worried that we won’t have hermanas here for much longer if we keep having the numbers we’ve been having.  I hope I can be exactly what this area needs.  We want to keep hermanas here.  We want to have this area be successful.  There is a lot to improve on, on my part.  I have a lot of relying on the Lord to do, too.  I just need to be the best version of me I can be and then the Lord can work with that.

I love the work, I love the people (even the ones who chop all my hair off).  I love the language (despite what I say during language study).  I love the scriptures.  I really just love it here.  I’m happy.  Truly, really, amazingly happy and that’s nice.  I feel like it’s been awhile since I’ve been happy.  This gospel is pretty incredible like that, and I get the chance to share it with people so they can be happy too.  Not a bad gig.  I have a whole year of sharing joy and love and peace and happiness.  So do all of you, you just have your name tags on your hearts.  It’s a new week, I have people to find and teach and so do all of you!  Good luck!  Hasta Lunes!  Les quiero mucho!  Tengan una buena semana!

Hermana Durham

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