E-Mail on 12/30/13 – A White Christmas

Well another week down…. And was this one a busy one.

Christmas Eve we ate with the Familia Lopes for a little bit but their oven was actually broken. They were kind of freaking out about what they would do for Christmas dinner since it was not going to be cooked. I felt really bad about it… but you know… nothing we could do either. Then we went over to Vanessa´s house (she´s the relief society president) and had a very delicious French dinner with all the other missionaries. It was lots of fun! Up until we realized we were going to be home late. And then we lost our phone. Yeah. Our nice phone is somewhere in Barcelona right now. New phone, new number. Merry Christmas.

Christmas day was awesome! We got to eat with the Familia Lopes again, this time they had a working oven. Then we ran over to Liset´s house to have very delicious food again for another lunch. Then we went and found more food at the JAS center. Then we went to MaryAnn and Damian´s house to skype and eat. THAT WAS AWESOME! It was so nice to see my family and just talk to them. I love them a little bit, lotta bit.

So Yuli got baptized. That was a whole lot of crazy.  She told us on Monday she didn´t want to do it… then Friday we were going over the baptismal interview questions to make sure she was ready. I feel bad that it was a really slapped together baptism but she really wanted it right away and so… yeah. Baptism. It feels almost like it didn´t happen because it was THAT fast. Everyone in our Zone baptized this month. We saw 61 baptisms as a mission which is pretty freaking incredible. It was a white christmas for us afterall!

This week Kofi is getting baptized. He´s about the sweetest man you´ll ever meet. He´s from Ghana and he speaks English and he basically came converted. It´s been a real pleasure teaching him. Oh and Heidi´s husband, Carlos, has accepted a baptismal date for the 18th of January. I´m pretty stoked about that, seeing as he was a very difficult sell. We have a long way to go for him but we will make it happen. Miracles happen!

We´ve been sick the past few days so we haven´t gotten around to doing much. I got a really beautiful blessing from Elder Bascopé. He was worried about giving me one because it was going to be in Spanish. I told him the priesthood works no matter what language so… let´s get going. It was perfect. We love the priesthood! It´s so stinkin´ great!

I wish I had more time to be more in depth. I´ll try to fill in the gaps letter and hopefully in my journal. Maybe letters? I don´t know. I´ll work something out. I love you all! Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR! WOOO! Celebrate hard for all us missionaries who need to be asleep! I love you!

Hermana Durham

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