E-Mail on 12/23/13 – Fleiz Naviblah!!! . . . Riiiiight.

“Hit it Konky!” (spell check this name Mom)

Oh man have I been so excited for this email, and yes.  Just so that I could quote one of the best Christmas movies of all time.

I gots my Christmas package.  Patience has never been a strong attribute of mine so I have been really struggling with the not peeking into my stuff thing.  I also listen to my Christmas music every morning and night.  “In the third drawer I keep….”  It´s been really great.  Our house is filled with various decorations and presents and wonderfulness.  Thanks for all the great things!

This week we’ve done lots of service again.  (I just did a time check and regrettably I have only saved 8 minutes to type up this email.  Fail.)  We helped a part member family move down the street.  We recruited the Elders to assist.  It was super weird to wear jeans, let me tell you.  It’s been a long time!   It’s miraculous to me how the Lord inspires us to be where we need to be exactly when we need to be there.  We were headed to pass by an investigator’s home.  As we were sadly disappointed that the investigator was not there, someone was struggling down the stairs.  It was our menos activa who lives in the same building!  She opened the door and explained that a truck was coming with a bunch of new furniture.  We offered our services, which she was hesitant to accept at first because we’d have to wait for a few minutes.  We told her it was really no big deal, that we’re here for service so we were in.  We got to help her out, which she really needed since apparently her spine has been hurting her.  The Lord knew that Cynthia needed a hand and so he inspired us to pass by at the exact moment she was needing us.  So yeah… we got to help move stuff up to the third floor in skirts.  Nothing like a little unexpected exercise, right?

This coming week we have a million and ten places to be and we’re trying our best to organize our schedules to accommodate everyone without offending anyone.  It kinda sucks.  Not gonna lie.  We are eating at 5 at the Familia Lopes’ house, then at 8 at the Relief Society President’s house tomorrow.  Then on the 25th we have lunch at 12 at the Lopes house again, then other lunch at 3 with Liset.  Then “dinner”/skype at MaryAnn and Damian’s house.  Doesn’t sound complicated, right?  Wrong.  It takes about 2 hours to handle a meal cita.  Boo.  We’ll figure it out.  We’re well fed and taken care of this week, I promise.  We also have the 31st, 1st, and the 6th all filled up too.  Transfers is the 7th so that will be my preparation day.  Just a heads up.

Thanks for all the love and support.  I really have the greatest family in the world, I think.  I know it more and more every week!  I feel so very blessed.  Remember that the best gift you can give this year is yourself.  Your services, your time, your talents.  There are people out there in need of a little apoyo, caridad, amor, esperanza.  Yo quiero invitarles a buscar oportunidades para servir alguien.  Go out and do work, ladies and gents!  Les quiero mucho, besos y abrazos!  Feliz Naviblah!  Bonne Nadal!  Next time I’ll write more (because I’ll have a lot of fun festive things to write about, claro!),  Sorry about the shorty this week!

Con cariño, Hermana Durham

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