E-Mail on 12/16/13 – Estamos Aquí Para Servir…

In whatever way that means.  When you offer service at every turn, you never really know what is going to come from it.  A missionary’s gotta do what a missionary’s gotta do.  Here are the random things we’ve done this week that we never would have thought about in regards to the typical mission life:

-We went to Carolina’s house for a lunch cita.  While there we tried to open the door leading to the dining area and the door wouldn’t open.  At all.  Not even the slightest bit.  I asked Carolina if she had a screwdriver or anything because we’d just have to unscrew the handle and pop it open.  So yeah.  We busted into someone’s living room.  The door is now functioning normally, no worries.

-The Familia Lopes often asks for our help with homework.  Usually it’s English homework but lately we’ve branched out into Math.  Hermana Tuttle took on the task this week of rewriting a test for Pedro so that he could practice.  Since the schools teach in Catalán, she needed to understand what the problem was, rewrite the instructions and then write new problems.  Super cool.

-We went to Alfons X and while waiting for Johnny to join us on a cita with a man from Nigeria, we talked to our Churro friend.  His machine was broken and he was trying his very best to put it back together with the assistance of his friend, the carousel man.  We asked if we could do anything and he took us up on the offer.  We climbed up into his churro stand and held down the machine while he did his best.  It works!  So yeah… that was weird.

-While at another eating cita with Esther, she asked if we could help her out with something.  Apparently some people in the ward were celebrating their 25 anniversary and she was holding a surprise party in the chapel.  She asked if we could cut out hearts to decorate.  We spent a decent chunk of time cutting out hearts and Hermana Tuttle wrote their names on two of them in her pretty cursive writing.

-The Elders are moving pisos sometime soon and they were gifted a couch…but… they currently live on the top floor of an apartment that doesn’t have a working elevator.  We live on the second floor of an apartment with a working elevator and we have a pretty massive piso.  So yeah.  We moved a couch into our piso.  The things we do to help out the Elders.  Sheesh.  We actually really love the couch so we might not be willing to give it back to them.

On top of all that weirdness here’s another fun thing that happened this week.  On Wednesday we were walking back from a cita that had fired on us.  We were being bad little missionaries and talking in English and a woman said “Where are you from?”.  She had apparently lived in North Carolina for a long time and her daughter was still in the States.  She´s from Honduras.  We talked awhile and gave her our card.  Friday afternoon she calls us and says “Hey I want you to come meet a friend of mine, do you have time at 7?” and since that is like… AMAZING that we were contacted TWICE by here we totally agreed to go.  What the heck?!  Miracle!  So we head all the way out to where she is and it’s like…super far away.  We get lost.  We call her and she directs us to her piso and then we successfully get inside.  Once inside we are led to a room with, I would say, about 9 other women in it.  Chairs are set up in a circle.  It’s like a whole discussion thing going down.  Apparently she is a pastor of a church and every Friday they meet and have a little gospel discussion.  She invited us to her church (which she was super annoyed that we didn’t attend) and said that she expected us to come the next Friday.  Man.  We totally just got caught into another religion!  Everything that was said was really great, very positive, decently close to our beliefs so it wasn’t a bad use of time.  Just an unexpected use of time.  Weirdest week ever.

Anyway, everyone is super excited for Christmas.  I have received a nice package from Grandma (I´m dying not being able to open the stocking…), a fun advent card from Jena, a fun card with decorations from Grandma, and I think another christmas card from Jena.  Wow.  I feel super loved and our piso is cute and decked out!  Thank you so much for all your love and care and support and everything!  I really appreciate it!  I miss you all, I hope you all have a great week!  I’m off to share the gospel!

Besos!  Les quiero!

Hermana Durham

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