E-Mail on 12/9/13

This week started off pretty rough.  Hermana Tuttle and Hermana Liu were both sick as dogs so they stayed in while Hermana Scoville and I tried to hit all the citas we could without adding too many on because we had no idea how healthy our companions would be the next day.  Wednesday Hermana Tuttle joined the living and then Thursday Hermana Liu came around (just in time for….. Weekly Planning… boo).

It was definitely an interesting few days at the beginning there.  I taught a lesson practically by myself because I was with a youth and got a baptismal date out of it.  I hope that progresses.  The woman is a little interesting though so we’ll see how it goes.  It was actually pretty funny because I had forgotten all about this cita and I was at the church with Hermana Scoville because we had just taught a lesson with her converso reciente.  When we left the room I looked down and saw the lady that we had a cita with and she said (obviously in Spanish) “Hey I’m here for my cita… it´s right now” and I said “You’re kind of early… hold on a moment”.  I turned around and BOOM!  Fernanda was right there.  She’s 16 and basically is the best.  She is super willing to help out so it was a miracle she was there.  I asked if she had time right then, she said yes, we sprinted down the stairs.  I might have abandoned Hermana Scoville…. yeah… not great on the whole missionary thing…  To be fair, Hermana Scoville WAS with the members who came for that lesson with her CR.  I just didn’t know that they weren’t able to stay with her for more time.  My bad.  Anyway, while teaching her, she gets a call and I hear “Hola Yuli. Tenemos una cita con usted este noche pero…” and it was Hermana Tuttle calling to cancel the cita.  I shouted “It’s my companion!” and Yuli just laughed and said “I’m in the cita…” So that was awesome.

The Lopes Family has demanded that we come over for Christmas.  They told us it wasn’t an invitation, it was obligatory.  Zuleide also offered her phone to us so that we could call you guys because her plan lets her call to everyone (including the 3rd degree of hell) but Brazil which is what she bought the phone plan for in the first place.  They’re really sweet.  Apparently they bought us Christmas presents too.  They call US to set up appointments for us to come by.  I have never loved anyone more than I love this family!  (Aside from my own family… of course).

We found out on Saturday that one of our investigators passed away.  Augustin.  He was 89 years old so it wasn’t a huge surprise but at the same time, it’s always a surprise.  We’re quite crushed.  He was a sweetheart.  But he’s with the people he loves and had been missing and so for that we are very grateful.

It was the Primary program this Sunday.  HOW FREAKING CUTE!!!!  The kids did a bang up job.  It was also really cool to hear all the songs that I had been learning with MY primary kids just at the beginning of this year, but in Spanish.  Some of those songs are a real mouthful in Spanish as they try to cram all the words in.  It was super cute.  All the kids had name tags like missionaries and the boys had ties and the girls had bows.  Super precious.  Loved every minute of it!

Our ward mission leader made all of us shirts!  They are personalized and everything.  They say “The Spain Barcelona Mission” with a lighthouse and our names.  I was stunned!  They are so super cool!  He is the best.

In Relief Society we took a couple seconds and said how grateful we were for the help and support of the Relief Society and we passed out brownies and little cards that told them we loved them and were here to serve them if they needed anything.  We have plenty of food to eat.  We also have set a goal to learn EVERYONE’S name by the end of this transfer because we realized it was just as much our fault for not befriending the ladies.  Don’t worry.  All is well.  We are fed and we are loved.

Today we went to Parc Güell.  Kind of.  It costs 8 euros now (before it was free) and so we decided that it wasn’t really worth it.  I might decide that it is worth it later but for now it’s not worth it.  We took lots of nice pictures and spent a jolly good time talking about our families and everything.  I usually end up talking to the natives so I get to practice my Spanish.  Anyway, Parc Güell is really pretty, it probably is really cool where all the cool architectural stuff is but alas… I did not see it in it’s entirety.  Just parts.  Que pena.

That’s about all.  I need to get better at contacting people.  People still scare me.  I need to also get better at spanish…obviously.  It’s coming along.  The members are really nice and say that I have learned a lot more in the past few months but I think they’re lying.  Little by little though.  Poco a poco.

Keep reading, praying and showing up to church.  I love you all! You’re pretty awesome people, ¿sabe una cosa?

!Les quiero un monton!

Hermana Durham

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