E-Mail on 12/2/13 – Thanksgiving


Hermana Scoville approached me in our kitchen and said “Did you have any plans Thursday night?”  and I said no, we were free.  Then she said “Well… I bought some stuff for Thanksgiving dinner and we could all eat together when we get home from Noche de Hogar and after planning.”  So I said “heck yeah, let’s do it.”  So basically Tuesday night, Wednesday afternoon and night, and Thursday afternoon we spent our free time preparing food.  Our fridge was full of ziploc containers of various special items that we could eat.

Thursday in the capilla there was a reunion/celebration of some old people home across the street.  We had to learn some phrases in Catalan so we could welcome them graciously and escort them to and from places.  It was the least productive time I’ve ever spent as a missionary.  Standing.  Freezing.  Being a bouncer and not letting people in until we made sure they were good to come in by getting the little woman who reminded us of Edna from the Incredibles.  “Bienvenguts a l’Esglesia de Jesucrist dels Sants dels Derrers Dies.”  I really don’t know where the other missionaries where in all this.  The Barrio 3 Elder’s were MIA.  Elder Ferrer and Elder Neumiller were annoyed that they had to watch an empty room.  Hermana Scoville and Hermana Liu had to watch the room with the dancers in it.  Elder Bascopé and Elder Seegmiller were stuck in their house because Elder Bascopé is sick but then EVERYONE showed up just in time for Noche de Hogar.  Of course.  Ugh.  Elder Bascopé let me wear his gloves because I had frozen my hands by standing by the door for 4 hours.

Okay, but THEN that night we went back home, finished planning and then microwaved everything.  Chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, corn, and rice.  We also had PUMPKIN PIE!  Hermana Durham successfully has made her own pumpkin pie.  It was so deliciously delicious.  Our Thanksgiving was legit. Completed by gratitude leaves on the wall, a little turkey for a centerpiece, and some lovely MOTAB Christmas music playing.  It was L-E-G-I-T, everyone.

As far as anything else goes…I organized the area book on Saturday while Hermana Tuttle taught English class.  Elder Bascopé tripped me on the way into class so I stole his gloves but then he just let me have them so that was no fun.  Hermana Scoville needed help getting out of her jacket because she had zipped her scarf in there.  That was probably the funniest thing ever.  We were laughing so hard in the bathroom we were silent and crying.  Oh the life of a missionary.  You find the littlest things entertaining because…well… what else are you going to do?

It’s been a rough few days.  I don’t really know what is going on.  I’m obviously not doing something right because otherwise we’d have more success in our area.  I need to figure that out real quick here so that I can be a useful missionary.  I need to contact more.  Scary.

Spanish is coming along poco a poco.  Everyone is pretty understanding about it and they try to be patient.  Some people think I speak more than I actually do up until they ask a question and I’m staring at them all blank-faced.  Fun times.

Our relief society doesn’t really like us that much.  That’s a hard hurdle to have to leap over.  We’re going to make brownies and thank you notes and hopefully they’ll start to feed us.  They only feed the Elders.  The president of the Relief Society handed us our food calendar and said sorry because she couldn’t find people to put their names down.  Not even SHE put her name down but the Elders list was practically full.  She’s been a big supporter of how hard the Elders work and walk the streets and they need to be fed but what the crap?!  We need it too!  It’s hard.  We don’t know how to fix that.  I don’t think she even tried to pass around our calendar.  So yeah.  Brownies.  That should help.

It really hasn’t been an eventful week.  Aside from telling Elder Bascopé to stop coughing, trying not to strangle Elder Seegmiller (just kidding, just kidding), getting to know Elder Ferrer “the white one”, avoiding the topic of politics with Elder Neumiller, and kickin it with Hermana Tuttle, I’ve got nothing to really share that I can remember. I’ll try to come up with more for next week.

Until then… LES QUIERO! Gracias por todo su apoyo y caridad para mi.  Gracias por las cartas.  Gracias por… pues… simplemente por todo.  Yo tengo la mejor familia en todo el mundo.  Claro que sí.  Besos!

Con cariño, Hermana Durham

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