E-Mail on 11/26/13 – “I’m a real boy!”

Or Sister missionary, rather.  I have officially completed my last week of training!

Oh yeah and transfers were this week… let’s see… where am I now?  What has happened to my district?  Really great questions everyone.  Elder Bascopé is now the District Leader/Zone Leader (He called yesterday and said “Soy Batman” because he is super super sick and can hardly speak… poor dear) and his companion is still Elder Seegmiller.  Elder Neumiller is kickin it still, mourning the loss of his old companion Elder Feller, but eagerly awaiting the arrival of his new companion Elder Ferrer, a tall Spaniard who is the other Zone leader now.  Hermana Tuttle and I are able to enjoy the Christmas season together with all the members we know and love.  It´s pretty awesome.  Elder Feller has moved on to be an Ayudante to the President (hot shot) so that means he is still in our Zone.  Fun!  Hermana Llerena is off to Lleida so we are getting a new piso mate, who happens to be the hermana who TRAINED Hermana Llerena.  Small world!  All of the changes should be done and settled by tomorrow.

I really super hate change, everyone.  I just do.  It’s not really my thing.  I also realized that I’m just chock full of anxiety all the time.  I get anxious about everything!  Typically things involving me having to use a talent or skill that I don’t actually have.  I was anxious all day Saturday just knowing that I could potentially be sent off somewhere else.  Not so good.

One thing that created anxiety this Sunday was Elder Neumiller who so kindly mentioned to someone in the bishopric that I knew how to play the piano.  I was quickly drafted to play for Sacrament because the 3 pianists were MIA.  I did some minor (or major) freaking out, picked the 4 songs (yeah… yeah I had to do FOUR songs!) that I knew how to play, because I really don’t know how to play many, and then I just had to play.  Hermana Tuttle quoted something from Esther about being called for such a time as this and then Elder Feller told me I needed to use my talents… stupid missionary pep talks.  UGH!

One of the members gifted Hermana Tuttle and I with scarves because we weren’t wearing any and apparently that’s a real sin because we are going to get sick and die or something.  That was very sweet of her.  My scarf collection is growing.

Apparently my companion is a movie star.  If you ever feel like watching the “Home Teachers” (we both acknowledged the lameness factor of that movie), she’s the main characters daughter.  Shannon Tuttle will appear in the credits.  I’ll get her autograph for you, if you so wish.

We were filling out cards on a bench, because our cards are like novels in comparison to the Elders’, and some guy shouts (in English) “Hey are you mormons?”  “We sure are!”  “Cool! Hi!” and then we had a one and a half hour chat with these two men about the church, about Spain, about the beach, about how we can use the internet and drive cars because we´re not Amish.  It was really fun actually!  Kind of refreshing to explain this stuff in English.  I was an active participant this time.

You know what´s a mistake?  The Dominoes 6.20 a person for unlimited pizza and soda deal.  I don’t know why we keep thinking we should go and eat there because we never feel good after.  To make it worth it, each person has to consume 6 slices.  WHAT THE WHAT?!  This is what happens when you put Elders in charge of what we do for lunch.  And guess what?  We’ll just do it again and again!  We just never learn, my friends.

Basically every Saturday you best believe Hermana Tuttle and I are in charge of singing for baptisms.  I don’t know how or why this happened but we are always the special musical number on the program.  We can only spice up these hymns so many ways.

Elder Bascopé has decided to continue to ask for cookies at every occasion.  He has promised me cookies in return but I don’t think that will happen.  I bet we will end up making him soup tonight because he’s sick. What would the Elders do without the Hermanas… I mean really.  We just are so useful.  (Actually I don’t know what we would do without the Elders either… they’re useful too!)

Tonight I get to show around a brand new, fresh from the MTC hermana how to be a real missionary.  YIKES! Anxiety again!  I don’t know how I will function.

I love you all, stay awesome!  Don’t forget to OLA (Orar, Leer, Assistir) because that’s what brings blessings and miracles and other good things in life.  MUAH MUAH MUAH!  Les quiero, con mucho cariño from Catalunya!

Hermana Durham


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