E-Mail on 11/18/13

It’s been nice and rainy the past 3 days.  I think my poor little umbrella is tired.  We’re all hoping (and hearing) that this will all clear up a little by tomorrow.  I’m kind of hoping that the rain is just a small period of time but not what winter is like.  I’d really rather not have a rainy winter.

Drenched missionaries are sad missionaries.  Well… I don’t know.  I think some people take pity on us so they accept our card or invitation to the church because what other crazy person would walk around in the rain unless they felt they were doing something important?

It’s been awhile since I’ve talked about some people we are working with so let’s get down to that.  It ain’t much folks, but it’s all I got for ya.

Betty and Augustin:  Betty is a menos activa who hasn’t been to church in a real long time.  She also basically told us “Good Luck” because she doesn’t think we will get her there since she works.  Conveniently, her job is taking care of Augustin.  Augustin is the SWEETEST CUTEST MOST ADORABLE ancient Español who can’t really remember things well but he remembers us and he loves talking to us about everything.  We read him some scriptures from 2 Nefi… woah.. Spanish moment.  2 Nephi 4 and he started to cry and say it was true.  What a precious soul.  We are trying very hard to get him to agree to go to church so then we can basically sucker Betty into it.  Tricky, tricky missionaries.

Yudaily:  Yudaily is from Cuba.  She’s basically the cutest thing on the planet.  She has been super eager to meet with us and everything and she loves what we are doing.  But her husband doesn’t.  He doesn’t want anything to do with religion.  So we are currently out of contact with her… that sucks.

The Familia Lopez:  These precious souls come to us from Brazil.  Vandu, the father, speaks only Portuguese.  Challenge?  Yes.  Manageable?  Of course!  Nothing is impossible with God on your side!  He speaks all languages!  Anyway… Zuleide is the mom and she works a ton but she’s super sweet.  Maria Laura is 12, Pedro is 10 and Lorena is 7.  All super sweet.  Vandu, Maria Laura and Pedro have baptism dates for the 7th of December but I think Zuleide might put an end to that (she wasn’t there when you set the dates because she was working). Vandu is SO prepared but Zuleide wears the pants.  DARN IT!  Mujeres.

Patti and Mireia:  Patti is a menos activa, her mother is Camila our next door neighbor.  Mireia is her 8 year old daughter who was SUPER rowdy when we first met her but she has really calmed down over the months.  (Months… I’ve known her for months… CRAZY!)  We wanted to set a date with her (it doesn’t count for our numbers but it helps the ward grow) and she said she didn’t think she could be baptized because her dad won’t let her.  We said we can just pick a day to work on as a goal but that we’d ask permission first of course.  Then she prayed and so help me if this little girl can’t get baptized, my heart will break into a thousand pieces.  She said thanks for us, thanks that we could come over, she told God she was excited for the 7th to be baptized and said she’d really like it if she could be.  So stinking cute.  I will be so so sad if her dad won’t let her be baptized.

Hermana Tuttle knows all the songs to Pete’s Dragon.  She never disappoints.  She actually is a wonderful little singer with a lot of lyrics chillin’ in her head so we have a good time jammin’ to her songs.

Hermana Alatorre came to work with me this week because she is my sister training leader.  It was nice except for that really cool part where EVERYTHING FIRES (everything is cancelled).  Madre mia.  That was a really crappy day.  I looked like the saddest kicked puppy at Noche de Hogar.  Elders Bascope and Seegmiller stole my agenda and put in smiley faces and a scripture (Alma 38:3) so that was really sweet of them.  They did demand cookies shortly after, so less sweet.  Funny still, because Elder Bascope doesn’t use a ton of English so it’s cute when he demands cookies rudely.  It’s like trying to turn down a 5 year old.

So yeah… this has been my life.  Lots of cancellations, lots of rain, lots of being abandoned by Hermana Tuttle for her intercambios (72 hours this last time because she missed her flight home…awkward…), but this week should be a little more calm.  Saturday we find out the fate of our little area.  I hate change.  But oh well.  The sun will come out tomorrow.  All will be well!

Les quiero un monton!  Besos!  (You get normal sized besos this week, I guess).

Hermana Durham

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