E-Mail on 11/12/13 (cool date, huh?)

Re:  The Final Countdown

That’s an interesting title for someone who hasn’t been on her mission long, isnt it?  I’m sure it will make its appearance again in the future.  Let’s see where this letter goes.

So we’ve been teaching English to 3 Chinese kids.  That’s all kinds of language barriers there since we’re teaching Spanish to English…. It´s going better than you’d think though.  At least they regularly show up to class so far.  It makes it seem like that hour isn’t a waste of time.

Rumor has it that we are running out of supplies because there are too many missionaries, too much demand.  No more agendas for us… or pamphlets… we were dry on copies of the Book of Mormon too for awhile there.  Scary!  Hopefully that all works itself out in the end since we kind of need all that stuff.  In the meantime, we just need to go to one of the Chinese stores and buy ourselves agendas.  Cool.

My companion happens to be one of the Sister Training Leaders so that means I get to be abandoned a couple times each transfer.  This week I was left to my own defenses (or not really since that’s against the rules) for all of Thursday and Friday.  I had to answer the phone and make calls and set up appointments.  It definitely could have gone more smoothly.  I hung out with my roomies both days.  I was supposed to have a member come with me on Friday so that we could do work in our area but she called last minute to cancel.  BOO!  But she’s on her mission now so it makes sense that she had some packing or whatever.  I forgive her.

I bought a plant.  A cute little (I think) aloe vera plant.  Her name is Penelope.  She sits on my desk and just looks cute and all.  She was 1 euro.  Totally worth it.

Cleaning check tomorrow!  Are we prepared?  No way José.  Does that matter?  Of course not!  Wish me luck.  Our piso wasn’t looking too hot a few hours ago and I can’t imagine it getting much better.

Something I’ve realized this week is that it’s very important to make sure your member who is coming with you actually knows what you are wanting to talk about.  I was super not confident in inviting this one member to our lesson because I know she just talks a lot and she’s pretty intense (She´s a Catalunyan… so… yeah…) but well member presents are important so we invited her anyway.  She ended up talking the ENTIRE lesson with our investigator, Yudaily (from Cuba) and so we literally got to say nothing.  It definitely could have gone more smoothly but it certainly went as I predicted.  Next time we’ll verse our members on the lessons first.  All you members, read Preach My Gospel.  That way you know what we are trying to teach here.  Plus it just has some super solid, great stuff!  Lots of great scriptures and tips and everything.

We’re working with a part-member family right now that is super cute!  The older son TOLD us to come on Monday nights.  He basically reserved us for everyone Monday night so we can do a FHE (or NDH in Spanish) every Monday.  He is the sweetest thing in the world.  We will hopefully get his step-dad and half-brother baptized soon.  They really are precious.  I’ll write more about them next time.

I have sprinted home TWICE this week.  Barefoot.  Nothing like flying (or dying… let´s be real) home with only about 3 minutes until curfew.  Miserable with a capital M.  We made it though.  Both times.  NAILED IT!!!  Bet you didn’t know I could run 7 blocks.  It´s okay, I didn’t know either.

I’m on week 11 of my 12 week training program.  Holy Hannah it’s really been that long!  I am almost a real live grown up missionary.  I can’t believe it.  How did that happen?  Your mission really does fly.  They weren’t kidding!

Helaman 12:15… The Nephites knew what was up about the Solar system

Helaman 3:35… I don´t remember why I wrote this one down but I’m sure it’s awesome since I wrote it down.

I love you all, I hope you are doing your best when it comes to missionary work!  Keep on keeping on!  Besitos!  Les quiero!

Hermana the Olympic Runner Durham.

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