E-Mail on 11/4/13

So it’s been another festivity filled week in Spain.  Shocker there.  Long capes, foam swords, painted faces, dashing princes… Sounds like Halloween, right?  Wrong.  It was the nerd convention I just described for you.  I don’t actually know what was going on but that was during the past two days and I have seen more costumes for that than I saw on Halloween.  I did luck out and see a little Zorro on Halloween who was pretty upset with his mother.  I’ve never seen Zorro run so fast!

Spanish spaghetti is more disappointing than regular spaghetti.  I’ve learned that this week.  It’s not bad.  I just haven’t been able to get behind this whole pasta thing yet.  I’m trying real real hard.  It’s rough.

I was very lucky to receive 3 wonderful Halloween cards.  This helped us get all kinds of festive in the piso.  AND I got a massive package from the Eric Briggs clan.  That was so awesome!  I am so very thankful for that (and don’t worry, I’m writing a response to them to say thanks, Mom)!  It was a very fun week for mail!

Our piso, to get in the holiday spirit, is haunted.  The lights flicker.  The windows open on their own.  Doors slam shut.  It’s pretty cool I guess.  I did end up fixing one of the windows.  I was carefully inspecting it, since I’m clearly super qualified for house repairs, and realized that something was sticking out the bottom and that was making it impossible to close.  Since we apparently don’t have any useful tools in the house, I used the only tool, a screwdriver, to hammer it into place.  Voila.  The window is shut!  I am the champion, my friends.  And I’ll keep on fighting, ’til the end.

I often wonder to myself if some of the affects of a mission are reversible, such as the crazy shoulder pain, the disgusting feet, and the fact that I am losing a TON OF… hair.  Weight would have been a better end to that sentence, but alas, hair is the winner!  Seriously.  Everyday I am pulling handfuls of hair out during personal study.  Totes gross.  Totes depressing.  Totes unacceptable!  It’s the water apparently.  It’s literally going to kill me.

For Halloween we dressed all in black and looked like missionaries (totally original, I know) and hit the town.  We snuck up on our friend Juan Carlos, the churro boy, and shouted boo!  Which scared him.  Then I said Happy Halloween, Hermana Tuttle said trick-or-treat, and we actually got a bag of deep fried something.  WIN!  Then we got trapped in the dark in a piso so that was like being in a scary haunted house.  WIN!  Then we went to the Primary’s Halloween party which was SUPER cute!  All the kids had to wear costumes that had recycled elements to them.  There were some very impressive costumes.  Then they pranced down the red carpet, got judged, and were given prizes.  Super win!  So all in all, not a bad Halloween, right?  Someone also said I look like Adele.  Actually 3 people have said that now.  So, I´m Adele.  Pretty cool.

Helaman 5:35-42.  Aminadab is pretty awesome.  I keep thinking of less actives/inactives when I read this.  Off you go!  Go study!

We had lots of cancellations, lots of hiking, lots of fun.  It’s getting pretty cold now but still not cold enough to prevent me from sweating a ton.  Boo.  I’m counting on the winter time to bring some relief.  Christmas lights have been put up all over Spain and Hermana Tuttle and I bought advent calendars because we just couldn’t help ourselves.  Tis the season!

Thank you for all your love and support and wonderfulness!  Keep being awesome!  Sorry it was rushed at the end here because I have 5 more minutes and I still need to write the President!  I’ll save more time next time!


Hermana Adele Durham


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