E-Mail on 10/21/13

So… I don’t know exactly what has been going on this week but it’s been a real riot.  Not an actual riot but you know.  A fun time.  A great event.  Thrilling adventures.  Etc.  Etc.

Friday night I think they were doing a thing for Breast Cancer Awareness and the Sagrada Familia was lit up all pink.  LEGIT!  They had a concert and everything.  It seemed pretty cool.  Then Saturday (basically all day) they had some street fair something or other.  I can’t figure out what this whole event was but I’m dying of curiosity.  It seemed like the coolest, funnest thing I couldn’t participate in.  There were games and food and clothes and Bollywood dancers and parades.  Super awesome!  And then Sunday there was some crazy procession thing going down at the Sagrada Familia.  Okay…so we asked some guy who looked official and not tourist-y and basically he said this.

Every year for the Holy Week, which is April, all the towns are assigned a certain “step” or time of Christ.  This year Mataro was in charge of the resurrected Christ and Barcelona had something to do with Mary so there were these massive statues that they carried.  Well, just for the heck of it, they decided that they wanted to bring all of these different areas together to do one big massive mass and a mini celebration (except not so mini since a ton of people were there) of the Holy Week at the Sagrada Familia.  It was SO cool!  We got to watch a little part of the procession and this very sweet, very catholic man explained everything to us.  He knew we were missionaries for the mormon church but he didn’t mind.  He said everything very respectfully by saying “we believe this…” and “this is very important in our religion…”.  So anyway, this is probably never going to happen ever again.  Everyone will go back to their normal lives doing their normal Holy Week in their towns.  It won’t ever be such a big gathering.  DOUBLE SWEET!  History in the making, my friends.  I was there.

As far as the missionary aspect of this week, not a whole lot happened. We pretty much feel like we are white washing this area.  We got nothing.  NOTHING.  Lots of cancellations.  Lots of no shows.  Lots of let downs.  But that just means we have something great in store.  With a lot of work, a little elbow grease, and a lot of praying we’ll be in tip-top shape in no time!  In theory.  We can’t all be as lucky as Ammon.  We got to be Himni and Omner sometimes.  Wow, check out that missionary cheesiness.  Yiiiikes.  Watch out world, here’s Hermana Durham!

My new companion (Sister Tuttle) is great!  She’s bubbly, fluent in Spanish, and buckets of fun.  Plus she works similarly to me so that has been very nice.  She is a sweetheart and she is optimistic about our area even though I am truly not.  I haven’t gotten us lost yet so that’s always a plus!  But, I’m worried about tonight because we have a cita and I don’t exactly remember where the street is…  That´s what maps are for!  Yay for looking like a tourist.  (Boo.  Boo on looking like a tourist.)

Also, first interview with the President.  It went well!  I really like President and Hermana Pace!  Seeing them really helps me feel better about everything.  It’s nice to know we have them supporting us!  I always feel a little more energized and ready to hit the streets again.

Friday we spent all day tracting.  Walking.  Contacting.  Knocking doors.  It was so truly exhausting that that night when we went to sleep I don’t really remember how it all went down.  I remember starting a prayer and then I woke up at 4 am.  The light was still on, the window was still open, I was on top of the covers…  I don’t think I finished my prayer….  This is what our life is like.  Welcome to the joys!  But!  Plus side, someone came up to US and asked us for a card.  Crazy, right?  Some people are just a little more open than others.  That´s why you have to talk to everyone or you´ll miss those people who are really ready.

So basically, yeah.  I am very excited for this next week and what it has in store.  We definitely have a lot to do, but it’ll feel good in the end.  It’ll all be worth it in the end!

I LOVE YOU ALL!  Keep up the missionary work!  Don´t forget to OLA (Orar-Leer-Asistir (Pray-Read-Attend))!  Besos!

Hermana Durham

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