E-Mail on 10/15/2013

So it´s transfers week.  By the by, that means I have Preparation Day on Tuesday instead of Monday.  I’m sure you have figured it out by now… seeing as I didn’t write yesterday.  So what is the fate of Hermana Durham and her companions?!   Drum roll please.  *Here is the drum roll*

Hermana Cozzolino has been called to serve…. in her home.  Shocker!  Hermana Franchino is heading to….. Valencia (tear my heart out with a spoon, why don’t you?) and I…. am still here.  Left in the dust.  Left to pick up the pieces. Left to try to explain where my companions are in the basically no Spanish I have to work with.  My new companion is Hermana Tuttle and I really feel like I know her from somewhere…like for real (I saw her when I first got here).  She comes in an hour actually.  That should be exciting.  She seems a little too bubbly and happy but I’m sure we will be buddies.  Bright side?  I have a bed now.  And a cupboard for my food.  And a real place in the bathroom.  I actually have a place to live in!  That´s a nice thought.

I’m going to be straight up and say that this week was legitimately the most uneventful week of my life.  We did nothing.  We had 12 lessons total.  Twelve, ladies and gents.  I am looking forward to getting back to actually working.  I’m real tired of not having any progressing investigators.  Hopefully next week I’ll have more to say about the work.

It’s been an interesting 6 weeks, full of laughs, tears, fights, hugs, passive aggressiveness (I really won’t survive this place if that’s how we have to solve problems, I’m more of the “talk it out, get it solved” type…), breakdowns on the balcony and so much more.  I’m actually pretty surprised that we’re already halfway through October.  Wasn’t it August just the other day?  I guess the time really does go by fast.  Days don’t.  Weeks do.

You know what I think is my favorite part of the day?  The whole hour between 9 and 10 when I get to read my scriptures.  I just LOVE the Book of Mormon.  It really feels like one of those kinds of books you just can’t put down.  I often catch myself reading the headings and getting totally excited for what is about to happen.  I’ve read the Book of Mormon tons of times but I have NEVER been able to notice this much stuff.  Never picked up on the timeline in it’s entirety.  Never noticed the parts that are being written in first person versus third person when it’s Mormon abridging it.  Now I get to notice though.  It’s been really fun to figure out all this stuff.  I have learned a ton in such a short period of time.  What has been extra fun is explaining it to my cute little convert companions.  I really was blessed to have pretty smart parents who knew their stuff.  Thanks Mom and Dad!

Thank you for all your love and support and care.  Thank you for the letters and emails!  It makes me smile to know what’s going on back at home.  What are the movies coming out?  How’s that snail one (we see the ads)?  How are the books?  How’s the music?  How’s everything?

Keep in touch!  I love you all!

Hermana Durham

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