E-Mail on 10/7/13

Okay so this week was pretty uneventful.  I mean just regular mission stuff here, regular mission stuff there…

I got a great package (from Mom)!  It felt like Christmas!  I was so so stoked!  I wore my dress, I wore the skirt, I wore the bracelet, the chocolate was gone in two days, the kids in my ward have already broken two crayons and torn out the pages in the coloring book… it’s been put to good use.  Thank you thank you thank you so very much my wonderful family!

We had Zone Enfoce which  was a “Hey we need to remember to do this better!” meeting and the Zone Leaders read the cool story about Hernando Cortes and the burning of the boats and that whole thing.  After that… WE BURNED BOATS!  WOOOOOO!  FIRE!!!  No but really.  They talked about all the things that could be holding us back from being really great missionaries and how we need to just let them go.  They passed out little paper boats and we wrote down all the struggles we were having.  Then we burned the little buggers on the roof of the church.  It was quite interesting.  I really enjoyed it!

This Saturday we find out our fate for the next transfer.  Dun dun duuuun! I hope I can stay with Hermana Franchino but I doubt it because she is due for a change in scenery (this has been her first and only area).  Hermana Cozzolino is 9 days away from seeing her family and so this leads to occasional break downs and such.  It´s been a real fun week.

I have gotten better at street contacting.  My spanish is not as smooth as others and so I stumble out “¿Puedo darle una tarjeta?” as best as possible and then my little native swoops in for the kill.  I am more confident in approaching people at least.  I can’t say much though still.  I´m not trying to be humble about it.  It’s for realsies guys.  Spanish? Mal.  Muy mal.  Es muy difícil para mi porque yo entiendo un poco palabras pero oraciones…es difícil.  Claro.  Con el tiempo.  Con el tiempo.

Jordi told us he doesn’t want us to meet with him anymore.  Stab to the heart, right?  We invited Julian to be baptized but he declined because he needs more time.  He’s one of those people who is interested in learning about all sorts of religions instead of finding one to commit too.  I hope we can change his mind.  We’re bringing a cake to his mom because it was her birthday.  He’s worried about it because they’re super Catholic and he doesn’t think his parents will be okay with us.  Hence the cake.  Nothing a little sugary goodness can’t resolve, eh?  Hermanas.

Heidi is doing okay.  She is having a really hard time with her husband.  We’ve started teaching him and he seems pretty cool.  He is more interested in it so that he can be a better father but the whole awkward marriage situation is kind of ruining this all.  They don’t love each other.  They don’t talk any more.  We aren’t allowed to give advice or suggest anything because, well, the white handbook says so.  We can pray though.

UM CONFERENCE!  Can I get a whoop whoop for how wonderful THAT was?  I watched the Relief Society session in Spanish but the other two that are available here were in English because someone always sets it up for the poor little American missionaries or the people who want to practice their English.  Watching it in Spanish is not the same.  The prophet sounds way weird!  But anyway, I got to watch the Saturday and Sunday morning sessions WITH you.  LIVE.  How cute is that?  It was at 6pm our time.  We watched the Saturday afternoon session at 2pm, not live obviously.  I cried through Holland’s talk.  Big ol’ crocodile tears.  It´s true that you get answers from Conference.  You pray, you write down your questions, and then BOOM.  Answers.  It’s a miracle.  All those talks were tiny little gifts to me to help me here.  I really needed it.  (It’s a real shame we can’t watch the Sunday Afternoon session because I bet that was great.  I’ll get an Ensign though so don’t worry!)

Also, they all said it.  Missionary work.  The time is here, my friends.  Start getting to work on finding some converts.  Dad, you have people to work with at work, sabe?  Girls, you have school friends and ballet friends and Up with Kids friends.  Mom, you have your work peeps and I think Karina needs a little lovin’, don’t you?  Maxwell, you have been given some extra time to bring your friends to the church before going back out to bring others. Utilize it!  All of you!  We have a lot of work to do.  It´s 11:59 now, not 11.  Get pumped! Okay?  Okay.  I expect to hear about all of YOUR missionary work now too.

Well… I wish I had more to share but alas, it was a slow week.  The only real thing worth mentioning is that I fell down some stairs.  Yeah.  On our way to the metro early in the morning I took a pleasant little tumble and scraped up both shins and both knees.  Normal people fall on their butts.  THIS gal falls on her knees and messes up her foot so much that she can’t go about her missionary duties.  I spent Friday afternoon with a bag of frozen spinach on my foot after I FINALLY convinced Hermana Franchino that my foot REALLY did hurt and I wasn’t, in fact, exaggerating how much pain I was in just walking around contacting.  That was a miserable hour and a half.  Bright side though? We contacted a woman who was so willing to give us her info (name, number, address, children’s ages) that it caught us off guard.  And then we knocked at the door of a woman who had said she wasn´t interested to the Elders.  She almost told us that too because she was about to leave for an appointment but we just asked if we could pray with her to bless her and her family.  Guess who’s a new investigator?  Yup.  So anyway, in spite of my pain, we had miracles.  I feel a lot better now, my foot is fine, I have a slight limp but it´s significantly improved.  Don’t worry!  It’s just so stupid that I fell down the stairs in the first place.  Ugh.  Mi vida.

I love you all to pieces.  I love hearing from you!  I love the letters and emails and everything.  It’s just so nice!  Thank you for your support and love!  You are the bomb.coms.  Now go convert people!

Hermana Durham


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