E-Mail on 9/30/13

Well… it was one of THOSE weeks.

It’s still Africa hot here.  I still sweat a ton and a half.  I wake up in the mornings feeling super nauseous.  I have a ton of bug bites on my legs.  One of my companions drives me freaking nuts.  I can’t speak Spanish as well as I’d like to.  I have a cold right now.  We spent 4 hours street contacting with little to show for it, minus very exhausted feet.

Bright side is, after a week and a half of showering in Antarctica, we now have warm water again.  Praying only warmed the water up so much, ya know?

Ugh.  This letter sounds so whiny.  How dumb!  But it was a hard week.

The Sagrada Familia is SOOOO COOOOOOL!  It’s gorgeous on the inside.  The outside is definitely like the termite hills in Africa, Mom.  It´s true.  But up close it has the whole life of Christ on the outside.  That’s pretty cool.  You can see the different stories and everything.  Love it!  They still have so much left to build though.  Like… I´ll probably have great grandkids and they’ll still be working on it.  It’s a lot left.  I watched a whole video on it.  I’ll be sending some pictures next week, okay?  So cool.  Totally worth every penny… oh… it was free for us.  (HA!)

We met this guy named Jordi.  He has pamphlets from the 80’s!  He is very…interesting, and by that I mean weird.  But he accepted the invitation to be baptized.  And then he didn’t show up to the next lesson.  And then he told us he didn’t want us meeting in his house but that he’d go to church.  And then he didn’t go to church.  And then he was DRUNK when we met with him on Sunday afternoon.  We gave him a good chastisement (like the Hermanas are pretty well qualified to do) and told him that if he really wanted this, he needed to change his attitude and get himself together.  Life is hard.  We know that it is just as much as he does.  Christ has us graven on his palms though.  He never abandons us, he never forgets us.  Jordi cried and agreed to read the Book of Mormon a little.  I stared him down the whole time because I knew he was fighting his demons.  I told him I was here because I know God loves all of us.  I know God is always there for us and that he wants us to come to Him.  And then I said  “but you have to listen to us”.  We’ll see where that goes.

Then we have Julian who is like the exact opposite.  He CRAVES knowledge.  His only downside is that he wants to learn about all sorts of religions.  Dun dun dun.  NO! NO JULIAN NO!  This is the right church!  Well, basically he had a million and ten questions about the Holy Ghost and we did our best in our broken Spanish (H. Cozzolino was doing some Sister Leadership training duties).  I think we answered his questions.  I also showed him the little guide at the back of the Book of Mormon and said that if he had any questions he could look it up by subject.  He really liked that.  This kid is just starving for knowledge.  I really like him!

It’s been pretty cool how many people stop us to ask us who we are.  There are some very prepared people.  It is a blessing to be able to be here for them all.  It truly changes lives.  You get to see a spark, a light (of Christ, if you will) and then it just spreads.  People smile more.  People laugh more.  They cry more too but that’s because they know this can help.  It really helps.  This gospel heals people more than anything ever could.  I really enjoy seeing THAT.  Families coming together, the broken and down trodden rising up.  So cool.

I know this is true.  I know God loves everyone (I literally feel it in lessons with people).  I know that the Book of Mormon can answer any question you may have in life.  I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and our biggest supporter.  He knows everything we are going through and he wants to help us.  We just have to want to be helped and we show that desire by following the example set for us.  I know this works.  I really do.  I wish I could say it better in Spanish, but I can say enough.   And my “enough” is enough.  Christ makes up the difference.

I love you all.  Thank you for the support.  I try to be better organized on Sunday night so that writing goes faster so I can respond better but these last two Sundays have ended in companionship fights… that’s always awkward… so I will get around to emailing you, I swear!  Keep on keeping on.

Hermana Durham

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